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Reina Radiators - A Brand Focus

Few radiator designers come to mind more frequently than Reina, who for over a decade now have heated up the homes of our customers with their range of over 200 radiators. Covering all materials, sizes, designs and price points, join us as we check out some of Reina’s best bits.

Explaining the BTU Calculator

What is this elusive BTU we see dotted about radiator specification lists? Read on for a quick, easy guide to BTUs, including deducing your room’s requirements with our trusty BTU calculator and how to supercharge your radiator search with your new knowledge. Find out what BTUs can do for you!

Electric Towel Rail – Why Do You Need One?

The fantastic value and many options of electric towel rail available right now mean adding a slick new bathroom heating feature has never been simpler. Jump aboard for a roller coaster ride through everything you need to know about these trendy units as well as another classic Only Radiators Top Five!

Electric Radiators - Have You Ever Considered one?

Electric radiators are not technically new but they’ve not been an economical home heating move for long. We’ve brought you the low-down on these great pieces of equipment so follow us to find out just why this exciting addition to the home can trump your traditional systems.

The Vertical Mirror Radiator: Five of the Best!

At Only Radiators we are always hot on the latest heating trends and there is none more current and classy a trend than the seductive mirror radiator. We stock a fantastic range of these mirror designer radiators and so we’ve gathered five of the very best for you to reflect upon!

Aluminium Radiators - Why You Should Consider One

Classic cast-iron or sleek new design? Aluminium radiators are the home heating market’s hottest feature so if you’re looking for loads of great reasons why it’s time to buy aluminium, or just that final nudge in the right direction, check out this comprehensive guide and decide once and for all!

A Guide on How to Replace a Radiator

Replacing a radiator is not the easiest DIY task but it’s by no means impossible. Heck, it’s even sort of fun in a masochistic kind of way. Click here to discover everything you’ll need to replace a radiator as well as a guide to getting it done.

Underfloor Heating Clearly Explained

When it comes to heating your home, radiators are not always the answer. There is another form of home heating that’s gaining popularity and that is underfloor heating. If you’re considering redoing your heating or simply want a good read, join us as we dissect this hot topic.

The Importance of a Central Heating Inhibitor

It’s an unfortunate reality that your central heating system won’t just run forever. Just like all good things, it requires some TLC from time to time. Find out how with just a central heating inhibitor you can easily and for great value have your system running like new once more.
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