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Bisque Radiators - A Brand that Radiates Style


Welcome once again to the Only Radiators blog, where this week we are hosting a brand focus on Bisque, a name with which you may well be familiar if you follow the latest trends and developments in the home heating scene.

In fact, Bisque was recently voted best heating brand for the second year running at the 2016 BKU Awards, so whether or not you’re aware of this major player, read on and discover just what has taken this radiator company right to the lofty heights reserved for the very best radiator designers.

A Little Bisque History

Bisque was founded in Surrey in 1979 by Geoffrey Ward and John Gordon after the pair of plumbers discovered the rather impressive quality of towel radiators out on the continent and decided that we too deserved to enjoy a standard of home heating that was both functionally and stylistically superior.

With the assistance of artist Paul Draper, Ward and Gordon’s designs shifted the public’s view of radiators from uninspiring plumbing items to slick interior design elements.

In fact, co-founder Geoffrey Ward was famed for his comment: “I still see so many stylish interiors with a boring radiator in them. People just don’t know that they can have something better.”

This sensibility is clearly reflected in Bisque’s range of offerings, which since 1979 has pushed the design boundaries of the home heating industry.

And where are Bisque radiators made? Right at their Surrey base, of course, from which they provide over 300 radiator varieties.

They are not slowing down any time soon, forever concerned with the principles of desirability, authenticity, originality and innovation that come with a genuine focus upon the details. So now for the all-important question – are Bisque radiators any good?

What Bisque Offer

If there was ever a radiator brand synonymous with quality and precise construction then it is Bisque. Their designer radiators are near peerless when it comes to style.

They produce some of the most phenomenal bathroom radiators on the market, which combine ruthless energy efficiency with some truly unique designs to ensure that Bisque hardware is some of the most memorable you will come across.

It’s no surprise that they have been celebrated alongside leading companies such as Aston Martin, Alexander McQueen, Liberty and Apple, in their three-time recognition as one of the nation’s trendiest businesses by the revered Cool Brands Awards.


One of the leading designers in contemporary radiators, their range of modern radiator designs seems almost unending, featuring such intricate masterpieces as the Bisque spiral radiators, Bisque blok radiators and their curious Arteplano radiators.

We shall now examine some of the most significant elements of Bisque’s home heating offerings, sharing just why they are favourites of the Only Radiators team and why they’ll surely soon be one of your favourites, too.

The Best of Bisque

We have a huge range of Bisque radiators for sale in our expansive online store, and though it’s been tough we’ve selected the top six of these for your viewing pleasure.

These are the radiators that we feel best display the wonderful qualities carried by Ward and Gordon throughout their 50 year heritage, which are time and time again our best-sellers and deserve every bit of publicity they get.

So, get comfortable and read on to discover exactly why these designer radiators really take the Bisque-it!

The Bisque Six

Let’s kick things off with the Bisque Archibald towel radiator, which is by far one of their most popular designer radiators and perhaps even the reason that your online search for a new Bisque radiator has brought you here!

Bisque Electric Archibald Vertical Designer Heated Towel Rail Radiator

This now-iconic bathroom radiator is one of the finest visual pieces we stock and so a great place to start when examining the very best of Bisque contemporary radiators on offer.

The Archibald can operate either independently from or alongside your central heating and is backed up by Bisque’s solid 6-year guarantee. Now after a discount of over £100, you can pick up this king amongst designer towel rails from our store from just £694.96.

The winner of the 2007 International Design room competition, the evocative chrome Archibald towel radiator unit offers a fascinating design that really is emblematic of the unusual yet thrilling design approach that Bisque adopts, and will certainly make sitting on the toilet more interesting.

Bisque Finn Vertical Designer Radiator

Stepping out of the bathroom, this visually engaging tower radiator is available from just £380.95 from our online store. At an imposing 1.8 metres in height and available in three widths ranging 285-425mm, the reasoning behind this vertical designer radiator’s naming is clear.

Apart from its sheer size, the Bisque Finn comes with a host of features that set it apart from its contenders and is a great example of how Bisque designer radiators set the industry bar, no matter which room they are intended to heat.

Available in aluminium and white finishes to complement every type of décor, the Finn’s solid and high quality steel construction makes it a reliable, durable and efficient solution to long-lasting warmth and comfort.

Bisque Hot Hoop Designer Heated Towel Radiator

Now let’s dip back into the loo with another of the countless stunning designer towel rails offered by Bisque.

The Hot Hoop is a tour de force in innovative design amongst bathroom radiators and another fantastic display of Bisque’s design prestige. You thought the designs couldn’t get any more inspiring than the Archibald but we’re delighted to say that was just the beginning.

Available in 500, 700 and 900mm diameters to suit bathrooms of all size, this entrancing spiral towel rail radiator costs £2,071.96 but you really do get a lot for your money.

Aside from boasting a true one-of-a-kind design, you benefit from unblemished polished stainless steel construction, special mounting valves and a 10-year manufacturer guarantee. If you’re looking for a fashionable designer towel rail that nobody else will have, look no further than the Hot Hoop!

Bisque Orbit Left/Right Handed Vertical Designer Heated Towel Rail Radiator

Next up we have yet another of this pivotal UK brand’s stunning designer towel rails – the Orbit, which is available in both left- and right-handed versions and costs just £435.95.

Comprised of two vertical pipes with a mesmerising, snake-like chrome piping layered both above and below this central mast (or like some paper clips, as our less dreamy team members have observed!), the Orbit is about as complex a bathroom radiator design as we have ever seen, and boy does it work!

Jump into the bath next to the Bisque Orbit and in a flash you’ll be winding dreamily down the undulating Mekong River. This otherworldly designer radiator will transform your décor like no other designer towel rail can.

Bisque Blok Vertical Designer Heated Towel Radiator

The Blok is a well-regarded vertical designer towel rail that has changed the game, to say the least. Available in aluminium, white and Bisque’s signature volcanic finish, which is reminiscent of the stunning black sand beaches of the Canary Islands, the Blok costs just £439.96.

Comprised of two vertical heating segments and a single horizontal rail that can be mounted at any height, the Blok enables you to purchase additional Blok rails and truly customise your Bisque hardware. This is a fantastic unit that is available in four heights to ensure that is suitable for bathrooms of any size. There’s no two ways about it – this designer bathroom radiator sets off a room like only a Bisque can!

Bisque Lissett Aluminium Horizontal Designer Radiator

Here we have one of Bisque’s best-selling units and it’s easy to see why. The combination of the Lissett’s soft natural shapes see traditional and modern radiator design come together in a truly remarkable Bisque contemporary radiator.

Yours from just £476.95, the Lissett is 600mm in height and available in four widths ranging 800-1400mm, and is featured in both white and volcanic colourways.

The four wide heating segments and stark chrome frame that make up the Lissett’s memorable design ensure that this designer electric radiator has really made a name for itself, and that it really is symbolic of the progressive design for which we know and love Bisque.

A Fantastic Provider of Home Heat

So there we have it – six of the best from one of the best in the business. Bisque make really great units that are stylish, functional, and home-grown.

It’s a delight to stock the wares of one of our country’s most significant brands so show them some support and take a closer look at what they have to offer.

Right to the Source Though our product team take fantastic pictures of our Bisque products, there is nothing like seeing these units up close and in the flesh. Of course, you’ll definitely want to do this before deciding to purchase one.

You can stop by Only Radiators HQ at any time and benefit from our expert advice or visit Bisque’s staggering Kilburn, London showroom, which has been around since the iconic brand’s establishment and hides 50 years of heating heritage behind its stunning pink exterior.

Bisque Kilburn ranks highly on the Only Radiators family’s list of fun days out though your bunch may take some persuading!

Your Leading Heating Source

As always, keep checking up on the Only Radiators blog time and time again for industry-leading home heating ideas, and sign up to our newsletter for exclusive news, money-saving tips, competitions and much more!

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