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Electric Towel Rail – Why Do You Need One?


Welcome once again to the Only Radiators blog, where this time around we are looking into the electric towel rail that is currently very trendy in home heating.

No time to hang about, let’s introduce you to the world of electric heated towel racks, then if they rouse you, move swiftly onto which heated towel rail to buy with another classic Only Radiators Top Five on the best heated towel rails.

Why Would I Want an Electric Towel Rail?

They’re nifty little units, simply put, perfect for keeping towels dry as well as providing general bathroom heating.

Now, you can simply pick up cheap towel rails or, as you’d expect, go all in with experimental radiator rails, designer heated towel rails and much more. As with anything new it’s best to try it in moderation, so let’s get to know these towel radiators a bit more closely.

How Do Heated Towel Rails Work?

Whether you choose an electric towel bar radiator or traditional gas towel heater, they work just the same as your average wet radiator.

However, in this article we shall look exclusively at electric towel heaters.

Now, within this category you have both dry and wet electric towel rail options. The latter is a self-contained unit filled with oil while the former is completely devoid of oil, rather using a wire heating system or similar to provide heat.

In this article you will see a mix of the two, which together are the simplest and highest performance units that subsequently offer the most effective electric bathroom heating solution for you.

What Size Heated Towel Rail do I need?

You can choose a small towel radiator to fit your downstairs bathroom or gigantic freestanding electric towel heaters equipped to handle more towels than you’ll ever own – the choice is yours.

How Much Does an Electric Towel Rail Cost to Run?

It’s only natural that there’s a lot to question when it comes to electric towel radiator running costs.

How much electricity does a heated towel rail use?

Are heated towel rails as warm as radiators or must I spend more?

The good news is that an electric towel rail is highly affordable. It can be turned on and off instantly to provide localised heat and will not make any noticeable extra dent in those pesky bills. Electric towel rails with timers ensure you don’t heat an empty home and energy wastage can be minimised further by ensuring you install an electric towel radiator with thermostat. In fact, electric heated towel rails offer just as much forward-thinking design and cost minimisation as those general electric radiators we covered in our recent article. Remember, you can dry clothes on these nifty towel rails too!

And the bad news… well, none really – just that you have to actually pick from the hundreds of excellent electric towel heaters we have on offer in our expansive online store.

Our Top Five Towel Rails

If you asked us which heated towel rails are our favourites, it’d be a hard choice, but these are the ones we find our customers enjoy the most and that we find ourselves recommending most.

You may be wondering how to install an electric towel rail and the good news is it couldn’t be simpler. For you DIY enthusiasts you only need follow the included directions, for those of you who are less handy, a plumber can have it set up in no time. Whichever approach you take, you will need an electrician to wire your radiator in.

OK, let’s dive right into which heated towel rail might be right for you.

Only Radiators’ Top Five Electric Towel Rails

  1. Thermogroup Thermorail Round Single Bar Heated Towel Rail

This simple and powerful unit is first up, providing excellent electric bathroom heating at just £92.95 per single 12V heated towel rail.

You can gather as many of these funky rail radiators as you like and create a seamless ladder towel rack centrepiece that is thermostat-controlled for energy-efficient heating.

thermorail-wiring-details thermorail-details
  1. Phoenix Carla Bathroom Electric Designer Heated Towel Rail Radiator

Next we have this sensational designer electric towel radiator, the Carla by Phoenix from just £190.96, which thanks to its 5 year guarantee and selection of stunning anthracite, chrome and latte finishes is certainly a frontrunner for best designer electric towel radiator.

Looking nothing like the rest of the towel radiators in this top five, the Carla is a sure-fire winner for those who like to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Thermogroup Thermorail Square Dry Electric Towel Rail

Here is another fantastic entry from heated towel rail leader Thermogroup, which from just £212.95 provides an impressive square framed towel rail that’s a rapid and responsive dry electric system and perfect for heating your bathroom.

Though it look may look grandiose it is just 800 x 600mm, so still a fairly small towel rail and highly adaptable. No wonder it’s an Only Radiators best seller!

  1. Hudson Reed Eton Electric Vertical Designer Heated Towel Rail Radiator

Hudson Reed’s Eton is a truly classy designer towel radiator that from just £199.99 won’t break the bank yet will break the hearts of radiators elsewhere in your home!

Boasting an insanely generous 20 year manufacturer guarantee and two sizes to fit every bathroom heating requirement, this exclusive model from leading designer brand Eton is about as slick as a chrome towel rail can possibly get.

  1. Bisque Electric Chime Left or Right Handed Vertical Designer Heated Towel Rail

And to round things off, we have something special. This innovative designer vertical towel rail by Bisque, from just £698.95, is available in both Left and Right-handed versions to suit your specific décors.

And with a 10 year guarantee, excellent energy-efficient design and that mesmerising stainless steel construction, this towel radiator is more than just a pretty picture!

So, which heated towel rail is best?

It’s impossible to say – there are too many variables. The important thing is that, whatever your needs, this is where you’ll find the perfect towel radiator for you and your family.

With so many new towel rails coming out and led by industry frontrunners Thermogroup and Phoenix, even the biggest sticklers are sure to see one they like soon enough.

And if you need our help to find it, then give us a ring or stop by any time!

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