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Essential Radiator Advice

Your essential radiator advice covering everything you NEED to know - but probably don't know - about radiators. Such as how a radiator keeps your family warm, what a convector is, and more...

This is a category of guides, and it includes the absolutely essential radiator advice that you need in order to be an informed buyer. This includes a guide on the different types of radiator material; the different radiator valves available; and our essential buying guide which summarises everything you need to know with links to further reading. So you can always find what you need, and you're always given links to find out more.


We're always adding to this category,  as well as the not-so-essential-but-still-useful-and-super-cool guides. Like how to choose a gold radiator, or why a convector radiator is a bit like a sandwich. And if you have a particular question that isn't covered in this extensive blog, or maybe you just don't feel like reading, then give us a call using the phone number at the top of our website and our handy experts can help you one on one.

How to Fix a Leaking Radiator

Is there anything more annoying than coming home to find your radiator leaking water? Luckily, we’re going to show you how to fix a leaking radiator so that you can get back to enjoying your warm and happy home in no time!

How to Choose the Perfect Radiator: Your Essential Buying Guide

Buying a radiator isn’t simple, the sheer amount of options and designs makes choosing a radiator in 2017 a bit of a headache - so here’s a quick guide with links to more information in each section.

Explaining the BTU Calculator

What is this elusive BTU we see dotted about radiator specification lists? Read on for a quick, easy guide to BTUs, including deducing your room’s requirements with our trusty BTU calculator and how to supercharge your radiator search with your new knowledge. Find out what BTUs can do for you!

How a Towel Rail Heating Element Benefits You

This is a handy guide to heating elements. What they are. How they work. And which heating element you should buy to completely transform your bathroom for the better.

The Dual Fuel Towel Rail: Why You Should Buy One and How to Use It

A centrally heated towel rail is a modern necessity. An electric towel rail is always there when you need it. But a DUAL fuel heated towel rail will transform your bathroom for the better (and slash your heating bills as a bonus).

A Guide on How to Replace a Radiator

Replacing a radiator is not the easiest DIY task but it’s by no means impossible. Heck, it’s even sort of fun in a masochistic kind of way. Click here to discover everything you’ll need to replace a radiator as well as a guide to getting it done.

Underfloor Heating Clearly Explained

When it comes to heating your home, radiators are not always the answer. There is another form of home heating that’s gaining popularity and that is underfloor heating. If you’re considering redoing your heating or simply want a good read, join us as we dissect this hot topic.

Where to Position a Radiator (Not Just Under the Window)

There are a number of different areas in your home where you can place your radiator, they don't have to be under the window! As long as the radiator isn't blocked in any way, it's purely an aesthetic choice as to where you place it.

The Fascinating History of Radiators (From 'Hot Boxes' to Hypocausts)

Who invented central heating? Who invented the first radiator? What did the Romans make that we still use today? Find your answers right here!
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