Electric Heating

Electric Heating

Electric heating is ideal not just for those without gas central heating, but it's also ideal for those WITH gas central heating. How? Well when you're cold in one room and you turn the gas central heating on - the majority of your heating bill is now being wasted on rooms that you're not even in. You might only need to use the bathroom in the mornings before work, yet you're paying to heat the entire house. Or you might want a heated towel rail but with the ability to control it seperately to your central heating. And that's where efficient electric heating comes in to save the day - and save the day every single day - by providing you with a radiator that heats up a single room and spends every penny of your heating bill properly, with zero waste.

Even if you live in a region where electricity costs more than gas, you're still likely saving a lot more than you would using gas alone. Electric heating is efficient and just makes simple sense.

Your choices in affordable electric heating range from minimalist horizontal heating options to designer heated ladder rails and everything inbetween. Also choose from a huge selection of coloured electric radiators such as anthracite, latte, chrome, polished steel, stainless steel, and more. If you have an idea of what electric powered radiator you need, then it's certainly here for you to find. If not, you're sure to discover the perfect solution to electric home heating below.

When you choose to buy an electrical radiator from our website, you're guaranteed to be buying a product supplied from a respected manufacturer, such as Aeon, Phoenix, quality tested to the highest UK efficiency standards and sold for the fairest prices you'll find.

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