Traditional Column Radiators

Overcome the old issues with shopping traditional radiators and prevent classic problems by browsing our selection of quality-checked traditional column radiators. A column radiator, especially those you can shop below, are handpicked by experienced interior designers in order to celebrate the old fashioned radiators style and class of Victorian fashion, while still providing the incredibly efficient high-BTU output you would expect.

Enjoy the impressive quality of a cast iron construction, and feel the warmth long after the radiator turns off - not just because it’ll warm your heart and home with classic period style - but because cast iron and steel column radiators hold their heat exceptionally well. This harkens back to the large, open spaces of Edwardian and Victorian manors, often with very drafty interiors - so just think how well it will heat your home with modern insulation.

Use the filters below to find and buy a traditional column radiator that fits your tastes, with a strong selection of both horizontal and vertical column radiators.

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22 Items

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