Underfloor Heating Loose Cables

Loose underfloor heating cables are the ideal solution to adding to - or starting - your new life with underfloor heating. It's easy to install, cost-effective, energy efficient, and heats your room with an even heat. Plus, the side-benefit of enjoying a warm floor that keeps your toes cosy is an added bonus. Other benefits include an always-dry bathroom floor, or the ability to control separate rooms heating schedules by using a (probably sold separately) thermostat with zone control. Loose wire underfloor heating systems are leading the charge in the under floor revolution, providing consumers at all budget levels the chance to embrace this incredible heating technology.

Take your pick from either the budget friendly ComfortZone range, or opt for the premium and long-term investment of the Thermogroup heating cable kit. Both are fantastic choices, and so are the rest of the underfloor heating suppliers that we sell on our website. If it's below, then you can rest assured that it is nothing but the highest quality.

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