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10 Modern Radiators for Under £250

Radiators are now more than ever becoming statement pieces within the UK's homes. Gone are the cracked white bulky radiators whose primary function was to heat the room (and let’s face it, as noisily as possible). Modern radiators are efficient, space saving, and often absolutely stunning, adding personality, elegance and class to any home.

These radiators are mistakenly thought to be hugely expensive, but the reality is not the case. For under £250, you can get a range of beautiful radiators to suit a huge variety of tastes and budgets.

Here’s our top 10 modern radiators for under £250.

1. Brenton Oval Double Panel Vertical Radiator - £239.99

First up we’ve got the Brenton Oval Double Panel radiator which is one of the best vertical radiators there is and a simply stunning addition to any home. This looks best in a minimalist styled room, with the beautiful white finish pairing perfectly with any modern decor.


Whether you’re after something to work as a standout feature, or a radiator to slot into your home seamlessly, the Brenton Oval vertical radiator is the perfect choice. Plus, it comes with a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee and is under budget at £239.99.

2. Phoenix Geo Carbon Steel Vertical Designer Wall Mounted Radiator - £247.99

If you’re after something that makes a little more of a statement, the Phoenix Geo could be up your street. With a beautiful Anthracite finish, this is a radiator that says ‘look at me’, and the unique shape is bound to be a talking point with any guests!

This is the ultimate designer radiator, giving your bedroom or living room the ultimate luxury feel. The sharp, clean lines are perfectly contemporary and bang on trend. Plus, it’s made from the finest carbon steel and costs a very reasonable £247.99.

3. Brenton Saturnia Horizontal Column Radiator - £164.99

The Breont Saturnia Horizontal Column Radiator comes in a lovely Anthracite finish and is another stunning modern radiator that deserves a special mention. At just £164.99, it’s well under budget and will help transform your living room into a modern masterpiece.

Column radiators are often associated with traditionally designed homes, but the Saturnia is a modern twist on our vintage favourites. The sleek, Anthracite finish is contemporary, yet the thick columns still feel cosy and less minimalist than some others on this list. This really is the best of both worlds and it comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

4. Hudson Reed Revive Double Panel Vertical Designer Radiator - £222.95

The Hudson Reed Revive is another stand out radiator for anybody who wants a stand out home! The contemporary clean lines, Anthracite finish and bold design make this vertical radiator a must have for anyone after less of a radiator, and more of a focal point - although it doesn’t do a bad job at heating the room either!


This radiator is energy efficient, durable and manufactured with the latest technology. It also comes with a 20 year guarantee, well worth the still slightly under budget £222.95.

5. Brenton Steel Vertical Oval Tube Designer Radiator - £229.99

Next up we’ve got this designer radiator by Brenton Steel which has an elegant chrome finish and a look that pairs beautifully with any minimalist fixtures and furniture. The chrome finish is subtle and allows you pops of colour elsewhere in the room, yet the tall and slightly unusual design ensures this radiator certainly doesn’t blend into the background.

This contemporary radiator is made from the highest grade materials and comes with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee. With dual fuel heating options, it’ll save you pennies, and costs a very reasonable £229.99.

6. Reina Reflect Vertical Designer Wall Mounted Mirrored Radiator - £247.00

This wall mounted vertical radiator is one of our favourites, although we wouldn’t expect anything less from Reina - one of the best brands for contemporary radiators there is. Doubling up as both a radiator and a full length mirror, this wall mounted radiator is the modern masterpiece your home needs.

Choose from a stunning black or white finish to suit your own interior, and watch the compliments come flooding. This radiator is efficient, cost effective and costs £247.00 - not bad for a mirror and radiator in one!

7. DQ Heating Fender Heated Towel Rail Radiator - Matt Black - £213.95

Next up we’ve got the DQ Heating Fender because, well, we just couldn’t resist a adding a towel rail to the list. This designer towel rail is contemporary, efficient and versatile, with multiple shelf options to suit your preferences and store all your bathroom bits and bobs.

The matt black finish is modern and sophisticated, and Fender products are widely renowned for being bang on trend. This is dual fuel heated and comes with a 5 year manufacturer guarantee - all for the bargain price of £213.95

8. Hudson Reed Revive Wave Single Panel Vertical Designer Radiator - Anthracite - £225.95

Another that we couldn’t possibly leave off the list is the Hudson Reed Wave radiator. This stunning designer radiator is contemporary interior at its finest, with the wave design adding a touch of natural elegance to your home.

This contemporary vertical radiator is wall mounted and comes in a stunning Anthracite finish. This makes it a wonderful focal point, and also a great space saver, as it doesn’t jut out into the room and the Anthracite finish is both sleek and minimalist.

This stunning radiator costs £225.95 and comes with a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

9. Hudson Reed Revive Double Panel Vertical Designer Radiator - Red - £242.95

Not for the faint hearted, the Hudson Reed Revive radiator in red is bold, bright and a bound to get a few comments! It’s wonderfully unique, giving the room a beautiful pop of colour for that ultra-modern feel.

In terms of functionality, this bright red contemporary radiator ticks all the boxes and is energy efficient. It’s also made from the highest grade materials, giving you great bang for your buck.

If you want a bespoke and individual radiator, but red isn’t quite your style, Only Radiators now offer RAL colour finishes available for certain radiators. Pastel pink, bright blue - or perhaps something a little more subtle. Check it out here.

10. Butler & Rose Vertical Designer Column Style White Radiator - £239.99

Finally, we’ve got the Butler & Rose designer column radiator, which comes in a choice of two or three columns. It’s beautifully minimalist, slotting into any contemporary home with ease and, as expected from Butler & Rose, is made from the highest quality materials with excellent functionality.

This is another that can be selected in a range of different colours. Whilst white or black are contemporary and sleek, brighter and bolder colours can be chosen to give the radiator a little more of a pop, and really make sure your radiator is a stand out piece. Pastel colours are the happy medium, offering a touch of individuality without being too bright and bold.

For more information on how to create your own bespoke radiator, check out this post.

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If you haven’t managed to find your perfect contemporary radiator on the list, or perhaps fancy something a little more traditional, check out our full selection of radiators here. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our experts if you need any more advice or inspiration.

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