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10 Traditional Radiators for Under £250

Welcome back, dear readers, to the latest entry of the Only Radiators blog where this week we have conducted a product focus on 10 of our best traditional and best heated towel rail radiators, provided mainly by team favourites Butler & Rose and each available for less than £250 from our expansive online store.

So before we delve into 10 of the best traditional column radiators and traditional towel rails – at least in our humble opinion, that is – exactly what is a traditional radiator? And why are they still relevant if they are, as the name suggests, rather old-fashioned?

Traditional Radiators Explained

A traditional radiator is named due to the material of its construction – that being a quality yet rather heavy cast iron build. Whilst nowhere near as fun to carry into your home as a designer aluminium radiator might be, the performance benefits are tangible.

Traditional radiators are also named due to their traditional column design, in which hot water is pumped through any number of vertical pipes that constitute the traditional radiator body.

The result is that a traditional radiator holds heat exceptionally well so your loved ones can bask in the residual warmth of such a home heating unit long after the central heating has switched off. Good for the bills, the chills and the kids!

The reason that we call them traditional radiators is that this style emerged and gained immense popularity in the late Edwardian and early Victorian times.

However, whilst traditional column radiators of today may look like something our great-grandparents used, they come fitted with all of the latest home heating fittings, technologies and safety standards. Combined with modern insulation, the designer traditional radiator is a formidable beast churning out remarkable BTU figures.

So, what traditional column radiators do we have in store for you lucky lot?

Are You For RAL?

Before we get started, we’d like to bring to light one of the new and exciting features spicing up the world of home heating.

Wherever you see this ‘40 colours’ icon featured beneath a product, that product is available in – you guessed it – up to 40 different official RAL colours.

These bespoke colours and special finishes are often made specially to order so remember – keep an eye out for this symbol then just give our sales team a call to see if we can make your dream colour of dream radiator a reality!

Traditional Radiators

Let’s kick things off with the classic traditional radiator, yet renovated for the modern home heating seeker.

It’d be impossible to select every single best option so we have been rather tough on ourselves and selected 5 of the hottest traditional column radiators out there right now, all of which happen to be by Butler & Rose as a bit of a theme.

1. Butler & Rose Vertical Designer Column Style White Radiator – 1800 x 200mm - from £109.99

First up, this superbly tall designer traditional radiator by Butler & Rose, one of the kings of the designer column radiator, who in this instance deliver an elegant vertical column radiator that is perfect for rooms with high ceilings.


Available in 2 or 3 column designs for £109.99 and £124.99 respectively, this stunning unit meets EN442 European quality standards

Putting out up to 2,319 BTU at 50°c and 2,931 BTU at 60°c, this is a perfect example of just how powerful a traditional column radiator can be. You will also note the rainbow-esque symbol that confirms this beautiful vertical traditional radiator is available to you in RAL colours.

What a way to start our list…

2. Butler & Rose Horizontal Designer Column Style White Radiator – 600 x 785mm - from £190.00

From the tallest of vertical offerings to a horizontal traditional column radiator perfect for all manner of homes, we have this delightful Butler & Rose traditional radiator available in 2, 3 or 4 column variants starting from just £190.00.


Available in all manner of glorious RAL renditions, this horizontal designer column radiator is equipped with Butler & Rose’s reliable 5 year manufacturer guarantee, potent dual fuel adaptability and a sizzling BTU reading of up to 4,464 at 50°c.

3. Butler & Rose Horizontal Designer Column Style White Radiator – 300 x 1148mm - £229.99

“How low can you go?” seems to be the question Butler & Rose asked, not only of its designers but of its pricing department with this delightful 2 column horizontal radiator. Perfect for positioning below a bay window, this unit brings superb traditional build quality via 1.5mm stainless steel construction.

With a powerful BTU output, full CE certification and 5 year guarantee – Butler & Rose have really hit the nail on the head with this aesthetically rousing traditional column radiator.

4. Butler & Rose 4 Column Horizontal Radiator – Bare Metal Lacquer Finish – 500 x 474mm - from £249.98

Now for something a little different – here Butler & Rose combine traditional styling in a mesmeric 4 column design with a bare metal lacquered finish rarely seen in the world of home heating.

This traditional horizontal column radiator is a visual buffet and customer favourite, not to mention its 10 year manufacturer guarantee that really seals the deal.

And if your budget does exceed the £250 limit we have set for the sake of this article, Butler & Rose have generously provided this eye-catching home heating unit in a total of 5 sizes (500 x 474mm unit being the smallest)!

5. Butler & Rose Darcy 4 Column Cast Iron Radiator – 660 x 508mm - from £249.98

Well, look at that – another Butler & Rose unit to finish off our top 5 traditional column radiators. And who could blame us? For the sub-£250 traditional radiator market, they are almost without peer.

Here we have the affectionately named Darcy, just as complex as the famous literary character with its 4 column construction, and just as antiquated, too, in its glorious cast iron finish.

This solid unit comes with a reassuring 20 year manufacturer guarantee and with its 8 section design is suitable only for central heating systems. That’s how you know it’s a true traditional radiator!

And if this lovely primed finish is not your cuppa, Butler & Rose provide white and grey versions of the Darcy at a still highly agreeable £399.98.

Traditional Towel Radiators

From all around the home to the bathroom – enjoy home heating designs that are classically reminiscent with our range of traditional towel rails. These keep your towels warm and dry as well as make those winter mornings getting ready all the more bearable!

Enhance your home’s bathrooms with Victorian opulence while keeping them free of damp and ensuring all of your family’s towels are dry, warm and ready for use.

From stainless steel floor-mounted heated towel horses to luxury wall-mounted column towel rail radiators and finishes from chrome to nickel, the choice is vast and Butler & Rose have you covered.

6. Butler & Rose Batavia Bathroom Traditional Heated Wall Mounted Towel Rail Radiator - £148.96

First up is this saucy selection that Butler & Rose have dubbed the Batavia. It is provided in a stunning chrome finish with a quartet of top-sided towel hangers, which double as a shelf for clothes and other bathroom essentials, then a duo of lower towel rails.

In terms of towel to metal ratio, the Batavia is a fantastic place to start your search. And at under £150 with a potent 10 year manufacturer guarantee, it’s also ludicrously good value for money!

7. Butler & Rose Ducher Bathroom Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator - £179.99

From wall-mounted towel radiator to floorstanding heated towel rail radiator, this Ducher is an aesthetic masterpiece by Butler & Rose and one favourite of our bathroom radiator customers.

Available in a stunning white finish framed by an elegant chrome piping, the Ducher is the perfect authentic accent for a huge range of bathroom styles, and backed by a 10 year manufacturer guarantee. The Ducher is one of the big players in the heated towel radiator game and darn good value also!

8. Butler & Rose Caribia Bathroom Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator - £198.95

The Caribia is yet another masterpiece by Butler & Rose’s bathroom radiator design team – it is difficult sometimes for manufacturers to combine the aesthetic demands of traditional column radiators with the minimalist expectations of the modern home heating consumer.

Behold – the Caribia by Butler & Rose brings you exactly that with its endearing metric design! And with a 10 year guarantee, this sturdy steel stunner is sure to be the talk of all your visitors.

9. Phoenix Anne Traditional Wall Mounted Bathroom Heated Towel Rail Radiator - £211.99

We thought we would change things up and throw in one heated towel rail not conceived by Butler & Rose and what a selection it is.

The wall-mounted traditional bathroom radiator by Phoenix – known affectionately as the Anne – is a chrome powerhouse that is so simple in its style that it appears exponentially more expensive than its actual cost.

Meeting all CE standards and backed up by a dependable 5 year manufacturer guarantee, this is one traditional heated towel rail that should not evade your search.

10. Butler & Rose Landour Bathroom Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator - £238.96

To finish things off we have selected an out-and-out favourite amongst the Only Radiators team: the stunning chromed steel Landour by Butler & Rose. This floorstanding heated towel radiator does everything right and at the right price, too.


The elegant pipework surrounding its thickened central vertical columns render it a beautiful blend of minimalism and tradition, all backed up by a 10 year manufacturer guarantee! What more could you want?

All Traditional Radiators

Of course, there are tons more traditional column radiators that we stock – by Butler & Rose and a host more world-leading home heating manufacturers – so check out our entire range of traditional radiators.

All Traditional Towel Radiators

There’s no need to go with Butler & Rose when you are selecting your new traditional towel rail radiator.

Make no mistake that they produce some of the finest traditional column towel radiators out there – but there are so many excellent options out there at all price ranges so check out our entire range of traditional bathroom radiators right here.

Butler & Rose – Need We Say More?

You’ll have to forgive us if the words ‘Butler & Rose’ are now engrained in your mind – they don’t pay us to focus on them, it’s just rather hard to do anything but that when discussing the very best in budget traditional radiators.

Over and over, each radiator that we have featured today has contributed to the remarkable show of Butler & Rose’s confident dominance of the traditional column radiator and traditional heated towel rail radiator markets.

Here to Help

As always, please do not waste time worrying or confused about anything when it comes to renovating your home heating. Just reach out to the Only Radiators team right here via phone, email or live chat and we will be delighted to provide all of the information you need – and probably a heck of a lot more!

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As always, keep checking up on the Only Radiators blog time and time again for industry-leading home heating ideas, and sign up to our newsletter for exclusive news, money-saving tips, competitions and much more!


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