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6 of Our Favourite White Heated Towel Radiators

A heated towel radiator is a bathroom staple, and if you’re after something modern, stylish and low-key, a white towel rail should definitely be on the list. Here at Only Radiators, we have a huge range of white heated towel rails, from minimalist and modern to traditional pieces that make your bathroom something to be proud of.

Heated towel rails offer the best of both worlds. They keep your towels cosy to make leaving your Monday morning shower that little bit less horrific, but they also keep the room snug for that midnight bathroom dash! In opting for a white towel radiator, you can design the rest of the room around it - opting for pops of colour around the room or keeping it monochrome.

So whether you fancy giving your bathroom a little TLC, or you’re going in for a total renovation, check out our range of white towel radiators to help give your bathroom that wow factor.

1. Brenton Hestia Electric Straight White Heated Towel Rail

High quality, minimalist and low-key, the Brenton Hestia white heated towel rail looks at home in virtually any bathroom. With a subtle and beautifully versatile design, this towel rail is as aesthetic as it is functional, and looks perfect in minimalist or monochrome style bathrooms of any size.


This white radiator is made from high quality steel and is designed to provide a comfortable level of warmth, excelling at both keeping your towels snug and heating your entire bathroom. It’s pre-filed with electrical inhibitor solution to help protect the inner walls, and it includes wall brackets for extra durability..

Brenton are an established brand with a flair for producing a range of stunning radiators, and the Brenton Hestia is one of their bests. Simple, high-functioning and oh-so-aesthetic, this is a white towel rail radiator to make your bathroom shine. It costs £199.98 and comes with a 5 year guarantee.

2. Bauhaus Seattle Designer Heated Towel Rail Radiator

If you’re after something a little different, the Bauhaus Seattle designer towel rail radiator will be right up your street. This is a stunning addition to any bathroom, with the soft matt white finish slotting seamlessly into either classic or more modern interiors.

The design of this radiator is immensely practical. It has protruding rails to hang your towels, while you keep the rest of your radiator free, for the best of both worlds. The slightly larger design means it looks fantastic in bathrooms with more space, but it can be easily worked into a smaller room.

This towel rail is designed to be directly connected to your central heating system, making it easy to install and energy efficient. A ‘summer heating element’ can easily be added to keep your towels warm in the summer while preventing your bathroom getting too hot. Finally, this radiator is made from top quality materials, is highly durable, and comes with a 5 year guarantee. It costs just £289.99.

3. Brenton Pagosa White Heated Towel Rail Radiator

The Brenton Pagosa white heated towel rail gets our seal of approval thanks to its double layer design and stunning minimalist look. This modern towel rail has a stylish white finish which, combined with exceptional heat output, make it a bathroom staple. Like all our white towel radiators, it slots seamlessly into any bathroom, complimenting a range of interiors.


This towel radiator is of a great quality, and created by one of our favourite brands. It’s made from robust mild steel and powered by central heating. The double layer design gives it that extra heat output which helps it to keep your towels cosy and your bathroom snug - no matter what the temperature outside. This towel rail radiator comes with a 3 year guarantee and costs £239.99.

4. Brenton Avezzano White Flat Panel Heated Towel Rail

For something lower budget but no less special, the Brenton Avezzano flat panel heated towel rail gets a ten out of ten. This model has a gorgeous, contemporary design with modern flat panels. It’s made from high quality and durable low carbon steel, but it is the  stunning gloss white finish that makes this towel rail a real showstopper.

This towel rail boasts excellent durability, with the inner tubes coated with anti-rust for a longer life. It can be powered by either central heating or dual fuel and is compatible with all UK heating systems, while looking at home in any modern bathroom of any size.

Finally, this towel rail has a high heat output, meaning it’ll keep not just your towels warm, but your entire bathroom too. Perfect for those early winter mornings. This beauty comes with a 5 year guarantee and costs just £139.99.

5. Butler & Rose Elizabeth Bathroom Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator

Vintage decor enthusiasts will love this Butler & Rose Elizabeth heated towel rail radiator. With a stunning traditional design and high heat output, this heated towel radiator performs as good as it looks. The white finish means it looks great with most interiors, but pair it with more traditional bathroom fixtures and you’ve got yourself a showstopper.


This traditional white towel radiator is made from the highest grade materials and extremely durable. The intricate design is classic of Butler & Rose, and they are rightly renowned for their high performing products. This model has a high heat output as well as extreme energy efficiency. It comes with a 10 year guarantee and costs just £168.95.

6. Reina Fondi Designer Heated Towel Warmer

Finally, we’ve got the Reina Fondi heated towel warmer. Perfect for people who want not just a towel radiator, but a contemporary standout bathroom feature, this beautiful towel warmer has a striking white finish and unique design. It’s available in a choice of 6 sizes meaning it’ll add a touch of class to your bathroom no matter how much space you have to work with.

Super modern seems to be the Reina way, but they also have a range of classic models. While there’s no denying their radiators excel in the style stakes, they also perform brilliantly and are exceptionally durable.This model is made from mild steel and is suitable for all UK central heating systems. It comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee and costs £244.99.

At Only Radiators, we’re passionate that radiators and towel rails don’t just heat your home, they add a little something to it, and a white heated towel radiators might just be what your bathroom needs. If you’re set on making your bathroom the haven it should be with a stunning white towel rail, you can shop our entire collection here. As always, get in touch with the Only Radiators team if you have any questions.


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