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8 Stunning Anthracite Radiators Under £250

An anthracite radiator makes a serious style statement. While the classic anthracite look is contemporary and minimalist, the finish is beautifully versatile and can be paired with more traditional or vintage designs. Here at Only Radiators, we’ve got a stunning selection of budget radiators, with a range of models with that stunning anthracite finish for under £250!

So whether you’re after that perfect minimalist radiator for your bedroom or you just want a radiator that, let’s face it, is a little more interesting than white, check out our top 8 stunning anthracite radiators.

1 - Reina Nevah Horizontal Single Panel Designer Radiator - Anthracite

The Reina Nevah anthracite designer radiator is one of our most versatile. This single panel designer radiator offers a contemporary twist on the classic radiator look, with the stunning horizontal panels in a lovely anthracite finish.

Despite the slightly chunkier appearance, this radiator can easily be used to style more minimalist rooms. The finish is semi-gloss which gives it a little extra shine, and it’s available in 8 different sizes. It’s made from durable mild steel and, depending on the size, suitable for central heating, dual fuel or electric systems.

Still not convinced? Maybe the price will sway you! This stunning anthracite radiator starts at just £79.99.

2 - Phoenix Cuscino Vertical Designer Radiator

For something that does just as a good a job at impressing your visitors as warming your home, look no further than the Phoenix Cuscino vertical designer radiator in a beautifully modern anthracite finish.

This unique radiator has a dimpled carbon steel flat section, made from the highest quality powder coated carbon steel materials for incredible performance and durability. The result is a unique cushioned look which slots seamlessly into any room in the house - and adds something a little different to the room.

This stunning radiator has a great heat output and comes with a 5 year manufacturer guarantee. It’s powered by central heating and costs an incredible £211.99.

3 - Phoenix Sienna Horizontal Designer Floorstanding Radiator - 800 x 588mm

If you’re after something sleek, slick and stylish, the Phoenix Sienna will be right up your street. This stunning anthracite radiator is the perfect combination of aesthetic design and incredible functionality.

This radiator offers a modern take on your classic floorstanding radiator with its contemporary and minimalist design. It’s made from the highest quality materials and powered by central heating, but the beautiful anthracite finish gives it that extra something.

This anthracite designer radiator comes with a 5 year guarantee, is available in 4 different sizes and costs just £217.00 for our favourite 800 x 588mm size.

4 - Hudson Reed Revive Double Panel Vertical Designer Radiator - 1000 x 354mm

If you’ve got a larger room that needs heating, the Hudson Reed Revive designer radiator is a great option. Not only is this radiator a real showstopper design-wise with the contemporary clean lines and bold anthracite finish, it also has a great heat output. This makes it perfect as a standout feature for larger bedrooms or living rooms.

This gorgeous radiator comes in a choice of 2 different sizes, and has an incredible 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee. It’s both energy efficient and durable, like all Hudson Reed models, and made from premium quality materials. The stunning anthracite finish is the icing on the cake.

For the size of this radiator, the price is second to none. It costs £222.95 for the standout 1500 x 354mm size.

5 - Brenton Oval Single Panel Vertical Radiator - 1600 x 360mm

This wall hung vertical radiator is elegant and modern. It looks at home in contemporary style rooms thanks to its beautiful oval design and sleek anthracite finish. But it’s the quality that really gives this radiator the wow factor.

This model is made from the highest grade steel and is fueled by central heating, making it both cost efficient and durable. It has a fantastic heat output so it’s perfect for larger rooms, while the stunning anthracite finish is bound to draw the eye.

For a unique style statement with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee, this Brenton single panel radiator should be top of your list. It costs an incredible £89.99.

6 - Reina Casina Aluminium Single Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator - Anthracite - 600 x 660mm

For a true all rounder, look no further than this Reina Casina model, a brand renowned for their unique and original designer radiators, ranging from ageless classics to stunning designer showstoppers.

This model has a sleek and minimalist flat panel design making it perfect for any living room, hallway, kitchen or bedroom. Unlike some of the other anthracite radiators out there, this design is understated and low-key, making it beautifully versatile. The semi-gloss anthracite finish adds an extra modern touch.

Available in 6 different sizes and suitable for central heating, dual fuel or electric systems, this anthracite radiator looks at home in any room. It comes with a 5 year manufacturers guarantee and costs just £184.98 for the 600 x 660mm.

7 - Brenton Saturina Anthracite Horizontal Column Radiator - 600 x 622 mm

For style as well as substance, this Brenton Saturnia Anthracite column radiator seriously delivers. Its high heat output, coupled with the modern anthracite finish, makes it one of our most loved radiators, while the robust mild steel construction ensures it stands the test of time.

This radiator looks at home in any room, but we love it in minimalist and monochrome style living areas or bedrooms. The high heat output means it can efficiently heat larger rooms as well as small, and the radiator valve comes with optional feet. It’s powered by central heating.

Finally, this anthracite radiator comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee and costs just £164.99.

8 - Phoenix Geo Carbon Steel Vertical Designer Wall Mounted Radiator - Anthracite - 1460 x 520mm

Standard radiators aside, if you’re after something weird and wacky, the Phoenix Geo vertical designer radiator is for you. Take everything you thought you knew about radiator design, and throw it out the window - this radiator is fresh, funky and guaranteed to be the focal point in any room.

The clean, sharp lines and sleek anthracite finish make this radiator a modern masterpiece. But alongside the complex and standout design, it’s also a top performer. This anthracite radiator is made from the finest carbon steel and is powered by either central heating or dual fuel. It has a great heat output for excellent efficiency and comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Miraculously, this luxurious designer radiator is still under £250! It costs just £247.99 - not bad for a piece that doubles up as a work of art!

Adoring Anthracite

An anthracite radiator is an instant way to liven up the room and make your home just that little bit more modern. With anthracite seamlessly bringing out the shape of your radiator without being too in your face, this finish is perfect for fans of minimalist style that want to give a classic radiator that contemporary look.

Fitting with any color scheme, anthracite radiators are exceptionally versatile, and all our models at Only Radiators are high performing and functional. Shop our full range of anthracite radiators here, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team.


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