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The Importance of a Central Heating Inhibitor

central heating inhibitor

Our customers are always asking if they should try adding a central heating inhibitor to their heating system and our answer is a simple, resounding Yes!

Why pay for heating system maintenance when the simple addition of a central heating inhibitor into your boiler system can save hundreds?

Let’s crack through the confusion with this simple guide by your friendly experts at Only Radiators.

So What is a Central Heating Inhibitor?

Basically, a central heating inhibitor is a liquid made up of various chemicals that are nasty to our skin but are very kind to our central heating systems.

And Why are they so Important?

Central heating treatment has always been important, but it is becoming an even bigger necessity as the construction of expensive heat exchangers in aluminium becomes more of an industry standard!

The metal piping of your system is constantly reacting with the water running through it and needs treatment to avoid excess rust, sludge, scale and other nastiness clogging up your central heating system.

Think of using a central heating inhibitor on your pipes as using a toothbrush, with built-in floss and whitener on your teeth. A total overhaul, keeping your system running for longer, performing better and warming your family all winter.

What if I don’t do it?

We don’t like horror stories but that’s what will happen if your heating system is neglected.

It will fall apart, stop working and behave erratically, and you just know it’d choose to do it right in the depths of a record-breaking winter! So don’t risk it – brrr! So, now we know it’s vital stuff – what’s the best inhibitor for central heating systems?

Only the Best will do!

Whenever Only Radiators are asked that (and we’re asked it a lot) we always say the same thing!

Adey Professional Heating Solutions will be all you need when intending to save the most money and avoid the most stress possible in maintaining your central heating system.

Sure, there are other solid choices such as Fernox Inhibitor or Sentinel Inhibitor, and we aren’t paid for our preference. All we’re going by is the fantastic results that Adey products consistently provide to our team and our contractors.

Yep, Adey central heating inhibitors – your sure-fire way to really renew the performance of your central heating systems.

Can I do it myself?

Of course you can – nothing like a good bit of DIY to get to know your house inside-out!

However, we do understand it can be daunting to crack open your heating system and start fiddling with everything yourself.

Tap into your inner Tommy Walsh with this simple guide to revitalising your heating systems. Don’t forget, you can always give our expert team a call to double-check anything.

Inhibiting your Central Heating System

The best time to do this is when your system is empty.

It is always best to administer your central heating inhibitor via a radiator. This should always be done from a low point in the property (such as a radiator downstairs).

Simply add your radiator inhibitor to the radiator using a funnel to avoid spillage.

Then refill your system with fresh water through the system’s expansion tank.

Upon next use, the fresh water will spread your central heating inhibitor evenly throughout your heating system.

You want to learn how this is done? Here’s a handy video from a very informative but rather eccentric character.

No Way Except ADEY

For the best central heating system treatment, Only Radiators highly recommends Adey products.

adey inhibitor

Whether you just need a simple run-through of your system with Adey’s MC1 Central Heating Protector or are gathering speed for a real thorough clean-out of your system using Adey’s MC3 Central Heating Cleaner, we have you covered.

And if an old and tired system has sprung a leak, never fear – Adey can solve that too, with their MC4 Central Heating Leak Sealer - guaranteed to have your system tight and home toasty once again in no time!

Whatever your heating system needs, Only Radiators and Adey have your back.

Keep Heated

So there you have it, a quick guide to inhibiting your heating system using the fantastic Adey range of products.

If you’ve got any questions about central heating inhibitors, we’d love to hear them (no, really!).

Just get in touch and one of our dedicated team will be delighted to provide the advice you need.

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