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How to Choose the Perfect Radiator: Your Essential Buying Guide

Buying a radiator isn’t simple, the sheer amount of options and designs makes choosing a radiator in 2017 a bit of a headache - so here’s a quick guide with links to more information in each section.

The Dual Fuel Towel Rail: Why You Should Buy One and How to Use It

A centrally heated towel rail is a modern necessity. An electric towel rail is always there when you need it. But a DUAL fuel heated towel rail will transform your bathroom for the better (and slash your heating bills as a bonus).

Where to Position a Radiator (Not Just Under the Window)

There are a number of different areas in your home where you can place your radiator, they don't have to be under the window! As long as the radiator isn't blocked in any way, it's purely an aesthetic choice as to where you place it.

The Fascinating History of Radiators (From 'Hot Boxes' to Hypocausts)

Who invented central heating? Who invented the first radiator? What did the Romans make that we still use today? Find your answers right here!

Since Drying Clothes on a Radiator Can Kill You, Here's 2 Alternatives

Learn about drying clothes on a radiator, buying heated towel rails for laundry rooms, and whether condensation can make you homeless.

Delta 50 & 60 Ratings Explained: The Hidden Rating Behind UK Radiator Rip-Offs

Radiator delta ratings explained in plain English. We use Delta T50. Find out why that's a great thing for you.

What Are Radiators Made of? And Do Different Materials Really Matter?

See what different radiator materials are available; discover what's best; and compare the different benefits of stainless steel, cast iron, or aluminium...

How to Paint Any Radiator Properly (and Safely) in 5 Easy Steps

You can't use normal paint to paint a radiator, yet painting a radiator is cheap, easy, and fun - when you do it properly. It's a real problem when you do it wrong.

The Best 5 Bathroom Radiators Which Include a Towel Rail

An exquisite selection of the top 10 best bathroom radiators with towel rail, handpicked for affordability, quality, brand, heat output, and BTU efficiency.
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