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Brenton Radiators: A Brand Focus

Only Radiators has put a huge amount of passion and effort into Brenton, one of our favourite own brands. Established with the goal of producing beautiful, fantastic-quality radiators that not only perform exceptionally, but also look the part too, Brenton radiators certainly won't let you down.

Brenton’s huge selection of radiators will suit a range of styles and preferences, whether you’re after something ultra-sleek and modern or vintage and charming. With such a wealth of experience in producing high quality and visually stunning radiators, you can be sure that you will be getting something more than just your standard radiator.

Here are our favourite Brenton products, and how you can style them out to suit you.

Brenton Straight Towel Radiators

Straight towel radiators are often unfairly labelled as boring. But in reality they are an essential, and often aesthetically pleasing, bathroom feature. The Brenton Avezzano range is one of our favourites of Brenton’s towel radiator ranges.

This range is timelessly stylish with stunning chrome, white, or anthracite finishes available, alongside dual fuel functionality - this makes these rads not only good for your bathroom, but good for your heating bill too! Not only are they stunning, but the Avezzano heated towel radiators can bring warmth to a room in minutes, whilst packing a punch visually at the same time.

From just £79.99, the Brenton Avezzano range is our top pick. If these stunning rads aren't quite your style, Only Radiators has a full range of Brenton straight towel radiators to shop here.

Brenton Curved Towel Radiators

Curved towel radiators by Brenton are some of our favourites on the market, and we’re not the only ones who think so! Curved towel radiators are hugely popular thanks to their more aesthetic appearance, and Brenton has a wide range for you to enjoy.

Keep your towels cosy for just £48.95 with this Brenton Chrome Curved Heated towel radiator. Great heat conductivity, energy efficiency, durability, functionality, alongside a unique and stylish design - this Brenton towel radiator is all you need to keep your towels warm and fluffy in the winter! Plus, it comes with a 5 year manufacturer guarantee and has a lovely chrome finish.

Brenton Column Radiators

For a column radiator that shines, Brenton should be your go-to brand. Many column radiators look the part in traditional styled rooms, and this Brenton model is no exception. The Brenton Horizontal Designer Column style radiator is our firm favourite, with a lovely white finish to make a statement in any vintage decorated home.

This Brenton column radiator is beautifully vintage, easily enhancing any interior, whether that be traditional or modern. Made of top class steel, this column radiator is durable and a great heat conductor. The dual fuel functionality will help with the heating bills, and it costs an affordable £179.99.

For something a little more out-there, the Brenton Vertical Designer column radiator is another great option. It works as a beautiful standalone feature that is bound to capture anyone’s attention. And it's crafted using high grade steel for durability and a stunning celestial white finish. Choose from two or three columns, and enjoy this stunning feature for just £104.99. This product also comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Brenton Flat Panel Radiators

Flat panel radiators are another that deserve more than just a brief mention, and of course Brenton offers the best. Flat panel radiators look wonderful in both modern and traditional designs, and Brenton know this better than anyone, with a flair for creating high quality radiators that look the part in both traditional and minimalist styled rooms.

If a vertical flat panel radiator is calling your name, allow us to introduce the Brenton Flat Double Panel vertical radiator. With a stunning contemporary finish, wide flat panels - let’s face it, it looks more like a piece of modern art than an actual radiator. Made from highly conductive steel and fuelled by your central heating system, this product boasts all the great qualities of Brenton radiators. Not to mention a look that demands attention from whoever is near it! This Brenton vertical radiator costs £248.95 and has a 5 year manufacturer guarantee.

Or, for a horizontal flat panel radiator, look no further than the Brenton Flat Double Panel horizontal radiator. It’s both high energy and cost efficient, easily warming a room and looking pretty stylish while doing so! It’s also light, making it easy to install, resistant to corrosion, and comes with an elegant white finish to suit any interior. All for the £298.96.

Brenton Oval Tube Radiators

Brenton knows that oval tube radiators should be modern and stylish, easily slotting into a contemporary home. Of course all of our range is impressive, but top of our list is this Brenton Oval Double Panel vertical radiator. Not only is this Brenton tube radiator a joy to look at thanks to its minimalist feel, it also has some pretty impressive heating capabilities.

In true Brenton fashion, the Oval double panel radiator is made from the highest grade steel, and manufactured in compliance with the EN442 quality standard. This effectively means you’ll get a top class unit with a top class heat output. It’s also affordable and cost efficient. Get it, plus a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee, for just £169.99.

Brenton Accessories

Radiator valves aren’t just functional, they can also be stylish. Only Radiators stock a wide range of Brenton radiator valves to help give your radiator that extra something. From timeless and traditional to the more modern styles.

The Brenton Angled Manual Radiator Valve and Lock-Shield (left) in Old English Brass is a great example of how something seemingly insignificant can add a whole lot of style to a room. These valves are timeless and traditional, with each one hand finished and extremely luxurious. They look stunning in a traditionally decorated home, and cost £59.95.

If your home is more modern, the Brenton Straight Square Head Modern radiator valves (centre) in chrome are one of the best purchases you can make. For a bargain of £18.95, these modern valves will help create a contemporary interior with their clean lines and elegant chrome finish. The high quality brass is meant for durability and the 10 year guarantee will give you that extra piece of mind.

Another accessory that often gets overlooked is radiator legs. The Brenton 4 Column Style Traditional Radiator leg set (right) is the perfect addition to your Brenton radiator. Shop all Brenton accessories and enjoy giving your radiator those extra style points here.

Brenton Finishes

Not only do Brenton offer a stunning selection of radiators, they also have a range of beautiful finishes to complement your décor and the radiator itself. With a choice of angelic white, lustrous anthracite or a cool, calm and collected chrome, you’re bound to find a finish that suits your style and makes your radiator not just a source of heat, but a stand out feature in your home.

From their timeless and traditional pieces, to products that look more like a work of modern art than a radiator, Brenton know what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to heating your home. With a wealth of experience, you can be sure your Brenton radiator will be high quality and visually pleasing, whilst helping to keep your home cosy at the same time!

Here to Help

Only Radiators are always available if you have any questions, with a dedicated sales team awaiting your call. Of course, for more information and even greater choice, you can shop our full range here.  

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