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Buying a Radiator

Helping You Choose the Best Radiator Possible

Choosing a radiator is a huge deal, but it shoudn't be a huge problem. When you're happy, we're happy. So we want to guide you towards choosing the best radiator for you. And we aim to do that by creating a resource of information to ensure you make clever purchase and save money. We'd prefer you to pay as little as possible and tell your friends good things about us. Rather than get upsold and regretting your choice. So use our guides to help you ensure you save as much money as possible without ever sacrificing on the quality of your purchase. Our buying guides are focused on choosing a radiator. But we also have plenty of accessory buying guides, valve buying guides, and dual-fuel element buying guides. Along with an ever-expanding library of information on related topics. Any piece of information that might be useful to you in choosing a radiator - you'll find it here.

The Best Low Level Radiators for Rooms with Low Ceilings

If you’re struggling for space and after a radiator that’ll slot neatly under a window or painting, look no further! Our low level radiators are perfect for smaller rooms and walls with limited vertical space - plus they look pretty darn good too! Struggling to find your perfect match? We’ve whittled it down to our top 6 low level radiators to help you get the ball rolling.

5 Of Our Best Hallway Radiators

Upgrading your hallways with a stylish radiator not only keeps your home warm and fills up a little empty space, but offers the opportunity to add a touch of elegant style too! Take a look at some of our favourite hallway radiators and see if you find the perfect new addition for your own hallway.

The Comprehensive Guide to Heated Towel Rails

A heated towel radiator is a bathroom must-have, and we’re here to make shopping for that perfect towel rail a breeze. With a bucket-load of information on types of heating, materials, finishes and designs, our guide to heated towel rails is well and truly fool-proof. Fancy diving into the world of heated towel radiators? Let’s gets started.

5 of the Best Space Saving Radiators for your Bedroom

What's the use in having a stunning bedroom if it's always freezing cold? There isn't any of course, but with a smaller bedroom it can be tough to find space for those oh-so-important radiators, which is why we've put together a list of some of our favourite space saving bedroom radiators.

Some of our Favourite Double Panel Radiators

Are your existing radiators having a tricky time filling your larger rooms, or do you simply wish to style your home with something totally new? Come with us on a journey through five of our favourite Reina double panel designer radiators that deliver the ultimate in affordable, powerful heating power.

Our Top 6 Space Saving Heated Towel Radiators

Beat the impossible task of kitting out your smaller spaces with stunning towel radiators. This list of some of our favourite space saving heated towel radiators is bound to help you design the perfect compact heating look for your smaller en-suite or cloakroom bathroom.

5 of Our Favourite Stainless Steel Radiators

If you're looking for a splash of style that won't break the bank, a stainless steel radiator is a great way to make a statement! Take a look at a selection of a few of our favourites - you never know, you might find the one!

8 Stunning Anthracite Radiators Under £250

The perfect addition to any contemporary home is a stunning anthracite radiator, with their sleek luxury design and statement looks, why not browse our list of some of our favourite anthracite radiators? Who knows, you may even find 'the one'!

6 of Our Top January Sale Deals

2019 will be a fantastic year if our January home heating sale is any indicator! Until the end of January, we’re bringing you the biggest deals on the best home heating items. Today we share six of our favourite deals from thousands of radiators deals too hot to overlook.
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