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DQ Heating: A Brand Focus

It’s an honour for us to stock DQ designer radiators and accessories here on our fabulous online store. Today, we take a look at some of their finest products in focus.

So, without further ado, let’s get things going.

An Introduction to DQ Heating

The family-owned brand of DQ Heating have been honing their craft out of their Norfolk base for over 20 years now. They do not hang about when it comes to putting out industry-leading designer  radiators and towel radiators of all shapes and size, as well as some great accessories.

It’s a delight for Only Radiators to celebrate homegrown excellence in home heating, and there is no better example of this than the guys at DQ. They have no less than 61 ranges out currently, encompassing adventurous modern designer radiators and re-imagined traditional radiators alike. And they are only adding to this already impressive number by the season.

Unafraid to innovate, prepare to see DQ’s radiators cover all shapes including oval, flat, bar on bar, column and round, and orientations including horizontal and vertical. In addition to the wonderful designer radiators they provide thousands of households annually, DQ Heating provide bespoke solutions on an individual project basis including bay window radiators, special textures and RAL colouration valves.

DQ’s radiators are as bright in colour as they are in design process – so sit back and prepare to be impressed. Your front runners for a potential new designer radiator just became far more numerous…

Modern Designer Radiators

If DQ Heating are best-known for anything at all, it’s their incredibly colourful, confident designer radiators. It’s easy to make a statement these days – not so simple to make one that holds up to the test of time. And that is where DQ excel.

Check out this DQ Heating Oakham Heated Towel Rail Radiator in Matt Black, as good a starting point as any to display DQ designer radiator excellence. This slender vertical black designer radiator stands 200mm wide and reaches a total of five heights from 640mm at £213.95 to 1920mm for just £389.95.

A fantastic example of DQ innovation, the Oakham vertical towel radiator features additional shelving that can be added for a truly custom heating element as you make your bathroom unique. We stock the shelves right here in beech and oak at £72.00 and teak at £131.99. Central heating compatible, 5-year warranty-enforced and available in 47 RAL finishes, the Oakham climbs as high as your imagination is willing to take it.

Next up is the DQ Heating Cove Mirror Mild Steel Vertical Designer Radiator starting at £229.96 and finishing at £268.96 depending on whether you choose a black, white or anthracite finish, and a 382mm or 500mm width. Whatever you choose, you’re getting a phenomenally imposing 1800mm vertical designer radiator every bit as glamorous as its users aspire to be.

Here we have a central mirror column running down the length of the Cove, which in its name alone conjures idyllic senses of the beach and luxury living. Sleek, modern and the perfect contrast to any brightly coloured living room or hallway.

Saving you space on vanity units, providing leading vertical heating aesthetics – is there anything that the Cove cannot do? This highly popular DQ selection needs to be on your list of designer radiators to consider.

The third but by no means least modern radiator we have chosen out of DQ’s gallery of hundreds is the DQ Heating Aviso Horizontal Designer Radiator in White, starting out at £313.96 in an 820mm width and maxing out at £427.96 in an impressive 1220mm stretch.

Here, DQ has rejuvenated the idea of the classic white radiator yet maintained every bit of its traditional versatility. As such, the Aviso is equally at home in your bedroom as it is in your living room or hallway. Heck, why not put one in both?

The Aviso is as effortlessly cool as home heating can get, a great model that we recommend to many buyers due to its balance of style and affordability.

Now, if these designer radiators are just a little too funky for your taste – let’s see how DQ caters for the traditionalists amongst us.

Traditional Designer Radiators

If you’re looking for a more traditional designer radiator that is still top of the game when it comes to performance, DQ have you covered here also.

How about their DQ Heating Lynford Floor Mounted Luxury Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator in Polished Gold for an astounding traditional home heating solution? At £1,119.95, the Lynford is not necessarily the most budget-friendly option, but the reasoning behind that becomes clear when you lay your eyes on it.

The DQ Lynford’s remarkable white core column design is encased in a structurally perfect polished gold frame that screams quality. The piping is of the highest quality brass and the finish is simply unparalleled. For DQ Heating, the Lynford is one of their most memorable presentations. It shows a perfect balance of heritage and style – that is not easy to do, yet DQ have done it masterfully.

Next up, we have the DQ Heating Elveden Wall Mounted Luxury Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator. From Antique Brass to Polished Nickel, the Elveden is available in 6 finishes and in 3 sizes from 475 to 837mm in width. Whichever dimension and decoration you select, you end up with a 1599mm tall towel radiator carved of pure elegance.

Minimal, sleek, and understated – this wall-mounted towel radiator ranges from £994.96 to £1,679.99, a wonderfully opulent home heating unit that displays the reserved design know-how amassed by DQ’s design gurus throughout the brand’s two decades of operation.

Third up for our traditional designer radiator line up, we bring you the DQ Heating Old Buckenham Wall Mounted Luxury Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator ranging from £828.95 to £1,642.96. Like the Elveden shared previously, the Old Buckenham is available in 6 different finishes including Brushed Nickel, Polished Brass and Chrome.

And what a design these materials make. The Old Buckenham maximises its potential for towel drying with a beautiful trellis design that fits snugly around this humbly sized yet impressively powerful central heating unit. The finest brass contributes to stellar warmth provision in an intricate design hard to come by from any home heating brand at any price, yet DQ have nailed it with their usual composure.

Now that we have covered each end of the home heating spectrum and seen DQ’s majestic handling of the whole range, let’s look to another of their qualities.

Bespoke Colours

Like more and more home heating brands these days, DQ Heating recognises the flexibility in colour required by the modern DIY home decorator. Black or white is great, sometimes – yet can at other times be rather boring. That’s why DQ Heating is offering many of their best designer radiators in no less than 47 official RAL colourways.

They make it easier than ever to match your new designer radiator to your home décor and open up previously unimaginable colours for your favourite radiator. Just reach out to our customer support team here if you have any questions and we will be delighted to help you secure your one of a kind RAL-enhanced DQ Heating designer radiator. Let’s see how far you take it!

Pick up their DQ Heating Felucca Horizontal Designer Radiator, a fantastic modern low and wide designer radiator available in four sizes costing from £516.95 to £658.96 in white. If you want it in hot pink, you now can with their RAL provision.

If you’re thinking of something a little taller, try the DQ Heating Drifter Vertical Designer Radiator also available in four sizes and costing from £587.95 to £672.95, now available in no less than 47 colours!

Finally, if you’re after something a little leftfield yet unequivocally wonderful, we have the DQ Heating Mild Steel Horizontal Radiator Bench, available in a plethora of bench sizes from 700mm wide and 434mm high for £523.96 to 3100mm wide and 480mm high for £1.784.95. And yes, believe it or not, this astounding piece of home heating furniture is available in a total of 47 official RAL colourways.

Have a browse and see what colour radiator combinations you can come up with!

Shop the Full Range

As mentioned, DQ Heating has no less than 61 product ranges covering every aspect of the home heating realm. So, if you want a modern vertical designer radiator or traditional horizontal designer radiator that will perform as well as it looks, DQ should be first on your list of home heating brands to check out.

And don’t forget, each DQ radiator features their dependable 5-year manufacturer guarantee.

You can browse the full DQ Heating range right here on the Only Radiators leading online home heating store!

Here to Help

As always, remember that the Only Radiators support team is never further than a message or call away. There is nothing they love more than to help you with your home heating queries of every variety.

So, whether you want to know something about our stellar DQ Heating range or seek some some other kind of assistance altogether, rest assured you are in good hands.

Just reach out to us here and we’ll be happy to help.

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