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Feature Radiators - Our Top 5 Choices


We’re very excited to share with you our Top 5 feature radiators – because sometimes plain and simple just won’t cut it.

Sometimes you just have to take the most unusual and extravagant route and enjoy guests wondering whether what they’re looking at is a radiator at all, as opposed to some rather rousing modern artwork.

From designer vertical radiators to horizontal radiators for living rooms and chrome radiators for bathrooms, prepare for a quick foray through what we consider some of the most incredible feature radiator styles out there. Of course, if you want to take a look for yourself, we’ve also gathered a host more feature radiators for your perusal on the Feature Radiators category page of our expansive online store.

Cheaper Features

Before we delve into what we’ve deemed to be five of the most funky radiators you can use to accent your home, you should know that achieving a stunning luxury radiator needn’t cost you the earth. Feature radiators are by no means the most expensive, with brands ensuring their cheaper options offer the same levels of style and performance as range-topping models.

What matters most about a feature radiator is that it brings the room together, creating a unified design that leaves guests marvelling – whether it takes a £200 or £2,000 radiator to do this is entirely up to you.


A great place to start your search is our Fun Feature Radiators Pinterest board, where you can find a host of cracking ideas.


From curved column vintage style radiators and innovative, naturalistic and modern reed-like models to radiators with integrated worktops, Pinterest is a great way to enjoy first looks at collections like our Amazing Anthracite and Crisp Chrome themed boards, so make sure you follow us.

It’s a fantastic resource for DIY renovators to review ideas and find powerful inspiration for projects. You can not only admire models from our online store but branch out and explore the concepts of professionals and amateur designers around the world.

Now that we’ve got your Pinterest let’s proceed with our Top 5 Feature Radiators, each guaranteed to set the room alight (no, not literally). Drum-roll please…

Aeon Honeycomb Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Vertical Designer Radiator

The first of our Top 5 is a remarkable feat of engineering, and Aeon’s naming process behind it is clear. This fantastically eye-catching design incorporates nine hexagonal stainless steel heating frames into a fluid and unique designer vertical radiator that can be yours for the un-bee-lievable price of just £398.95.

The Honeycomb is an exhibition in just how far the designer radiator has come, providing a visually powerful dual fuel radiator that is elegant, modern and highly adaptable – the perfect feature radiator for any room throughout the home.

Aeon has channelled its regarded design credentials into this memorable radiator, which is available in a brushed chrome or polished finish, as well as four sizes to suit any size of room.

Aeon Honeycomb Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Vertical Designer Radiator

Why not consider…

If your budget’s a little larger, consider the £6,679.96 Aeon Speira Stainless Steel Free Standing Vertical Designer Radiator. This feature radiator is guaranteed to blow guests away with its phenomenal helix design.

Hudson Reed Xcite Vertical Designer Radiator

Sweeping up your walls like a true piece of contemporary art, the Hudson Reed Xcite Designer Radiator is probably one of the most bold feature radiators around. It's available in three different, equally incredible finishes - anthracite, high gloss black and high gloss silver.

Available now from just £190.96Hudson Reed displays over 40 years of experience at the forefront of the heating industry with this wonderful, picturesque feature radiator.

Enjoy the powerful warmth of this king of contemporary radiators, and rest assured with its formidable 20 year guarantee that it will remain a stunning feature in your home for years to come.

Aeon Labren Stainless Steel Designer Radiator

If bog-standard, rectangular radiators really aren't your thing, the Aeon Labren Designer Radiator will certainly pique your interest. Mounted to the wall like a contemporary art installation, the simply stunning design will complement and enhance the interior of any kitchen, lounge or living space.

Available in beautiful brushed chrome or a polished finish, the Labren can be used with either your central heating or mains electricity - you could even combine it with a heating element to save on those pounds and pennies during the winter months.

Starting from £1,104.95, the Aeon Labren is a wonderfully stylish and modern designer radiator that's covered by a comprehensive 20 year guarantee.

Brenton Steel Vertical Oval Tube Chrome Designer Radiator

Now, if you think that the three feature radiators shared so far have been a little loud for your vision and you require something more subtle, check out this feature radiator by design geniuses, Brenton.

Their Oval Tube rendition is the epitome of cool; a super-tall and visually powerful unit comprised of six vertical oval tubes. This chrome feature radiator offers dual fuel options and is built to last with a reliable five year manufacturer guarantee.

A display of the very best materials and engineering, this feature radiator is a masterclass in the understated style for which Brenton is revered.

Brenton Steel Vertical Oval Tube Designer Radiator - Chrome - 1800 x 354mm

DQ Heating Drifter Horizontal White Designer Radiator

We spend a lot of time focusing on designer vertical radiators, so let’s show our horizontal brethren some love too. And when it comes to selecting a horizontal feature radiator, the stunning Drifter by DQ Heating should undoubtedly be at the top of your list of options.

From just £520.96 you get your hands on this powerful steel designer radiator, comprised of a smooth metal sheet spliced by four horizontal cut-outs, and topped off by a mesmerising matt white aluminium finish.

The Drifter is available in four sizes to suit any size wall, and if you’ve been looking for the best coloured radiators to make a truly vivid statement you can end your search now, because DQ offers endless custom colourations.

DQ Heating Drifter Horizontal Designer Radiator - White

Stunning Centrepieces

So there we have it – five of our favourite feature radiators to suit all budgets and styles, as well as a couple of extra-extravagant options thrown in along the way!

Whether you opt for the classic, understated prominence of the Brenton Oval Tube and DQ Heating Drifter, or opt instead for the remarkable modern designs of the Aeon Honeycomb and Hudson Reed Excite, you’re guaranteed to pique your room with the unrelenting style each offers.

And as we mentioned before we got started, that’s only the tip of the iceberg!

Browse our collection of feature radiators to review tons more radiator styles, find the perfect match for your project and create a centrepiece that family and friends will love.

And don’t hesitate to give our expert team a call – we love to chat and are always on hand to offer advice when it comes to making that all-important final decision.

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