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Hudson Reed Radiators: Brand Focus


Welcome back to the Only Radiators Blog where, today, we’re going to be sharing one of our favourite brands with you: Hudson Reed. Hudson Reed Radiators are one of the most popular radiator collections in the UK for a very simple reason: they combine luxury products with comfort, functionality and reliability, all at sensible prices.

Hudson Reed: What you Need to Know

Here at Only Radiators, we don’t pull out our trumpets for any old brand. We strive to bring you the best producers of home heating systems and that’s why, showcasing Hudson Reed was an absolute no brainer.

Hudson Reed, which was formed in 1982, is now one of the most recognised bathroom names in the country. If you’re looking for designer radiators, their dedication to innovation and quality craftsmanship is hard to beat anywhere in the world.

Since the brand is a proud member of the prestigious “Made in Britain” Scheme and environmentally conscious, you can be sure that all their products are 100% home grown and ethically produced.

Plus, in line with the Hudson Reed’s commitment to excellence, they offer a full 20-year guarantee on everything, meaning you can buy with complete peace of mind.

As well as radiators, Hudson Reed also manufacture a huge range of bathroom furniture, baths and lighting so you can kit your whole bathroom out in style. Check out their collection here!


Choosing a Hudson Reed Radiator

Not sure where to start when it comes to choosing a designer radiator? There’s a lot to think about:

Do you want a traditional horizontal radiator or a stylish vertical model?

Which material should you choose?

How much BTU heat output do you need for your space?

What is BTU and how do you calculate it?

To get all the information you need to choose the perfect model that doesn’t just look great, but plays the part, too, check out our essential radiator buying guide.

Our Top Hudson Reed Radiators

Hudson Reed Revive Double Panel Vertical Designer Radiator - High Gloss Black

Hudson Reed’s Revive Collection contains some of the brand’s best-selling radiators. This range is known for its sleek and stylish designs that truly revive the dowdy reputation that radiators have suffered with for many years.

The double panel vertical designer radiator exhibits all of these qualities. Truly combining functionality with great aesthetics, its slimline vertical design can conveniently fit into the tightest of the spaces, yet it still provides a great heat output of either 1183 or 1395 watts. Plus, we’re sure that its slender price-point of £222.95 only adds to its appeal, too!

This radiator comes in two size options of H1500 x W354mm or H1800 x W354mm and is designed for use with a central heating system.


Hudson Reed Revive Horizontal Designer Radiator

The Hudson Revive Horizontal Radiator brings a new spin to an old classic. Horizontal radiators are about as traditional as you can get but, that doesn’t mean you should shun them out completely. Models like this prove that familiar styles can still be favourites and should be so. Did you know that horizontal radiators are argued to provide a more effective heat output than vertical radiators since the heat rises and fills the room?

This horizontal radiator, with its slimline panels and crisp white colour will add a touch of elegance to any room. Depending on your required BTU output, you can choose between a heat output of 956 or 1740 watts and you can also choose between single or double panelling. It’s currently priced at £302.95 or £372.95 respective


Hudson Reed Revive Double Panel Vertical Designer Radiator

Red: the colour of lust, the colour of roses, and also, the colour of eye-catching designer home radiators. We’ve all heard that bold is beautiful but, if anything can prove it, it’s this designer radiator. Going for a unique interior design scheme? You’ll love this model.

The vertical design and slimline dimensions of H1800 x W354 x D79mm, make it a great choice for small rooms with limited wall space- particularly bathrooms and kitchens. Don’t let that fool you into thinking it’s just a pretty face, though: it has an impressive heat output of 1395 watts, and can be used within a central heating scheme.


Hudson Reed Revive with Mirror Vertical Designer Radiator

When it comes to decorating your home, you can’t beat products that serve a few different functions: enter the Hudson Reed Revive with Mirror Vertical Designer Radiator. Not only does this radiator look great and provide unrivalled warmth, it doubles up as a mirror, too. Regardless of how big a fan you are of your own reflection, you can’t deny that this a great design solution for a small space- and, £302.95, you can’t argue with the price either. Plus, since the mirror is integrated into the heating unit, it won’t fog up when you’ve been in the shower!

Its convenient size of H1800 x W499mm means that it’s generous enough to allow you a good look at yourself, while also being compact enough to help you save precious wall space. You can choose between a heat output of 625 or 1249 watts and enjoy this radiator in conjunction with a central heating system.


Hudson Reed Flat Panel Vertical Designer Heated Towel Rail Radiator

Hudson Reed Radiators are renowned for their high-quality bathroom products, so it should come as no surprise that their towel rail radiators are nothing short of outstanding. The anthracite colour, teamed with the flat panel design of the radiator, will add an industrial look to your bathroom. If you’re looking for a towel rail radiator that’s pushing design boundaries, you’ll find it right here!

Producing 418 watts of heat, this product produces the perfect amount of heat for a towel rail in a small space - meaning you don’t need to spend more on your heating bill than you need to. At H1213 x W500mm, it will fit seamlessly on to any wall too.


Hudson Reed Piazza Vertical Designer Heated Towel Rail Radiator

While similar to the last model, with its flat panels and functional design, this Hudson Reed towel rail radiator screams sophistication thanks to its glossy, polished finish. This classic style, that doesn’t scrimp on elegance, looks great paired with most bathroom interiors.

Plus, since it comes in two handy size options, it can fit in most bathrooms, too. The smaller size of H950 x W500mm produces a heat output of 403 watts, while the larger size of H1200 x W500mm produces 494 watts. Like the rest of the Hudson Reed models, this radiator works within a central heating system.


Hudson Reed Sloane Single Panel Vertical Designer Radiator

When it comes to creating a modern aesthetic in your home, vertical radiators get serious style points. Not only can this model effectively heat a small space, its contemporary colour and flat panel design will catch a few eyes, too.

At H1800 x W354 x D53mm, this single panel vertical radiator is extra slimline, yet still delivers a whopping heat output of 1254 watts. And, if you’re wondering whether the price tag falls into the hefty or slim party, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s the latter. At £262.96, you can enjoy great design, powerful heat and quality craftsmanship for years to come. This radiator works using central heating.


Hudson Reed Ceylon Vertical Designer Radiator

So, maybe you’re looking for a designer radiator, but everything seems a bit…. Basic. You’ve seen plenty of things that look great, but nothing that’s blown you anyway. Nothing that looks like it belongs in a fancy hotel. Or, even a modern art gallery. But, then you come across a model like the Hudson Reed Ceylon.

This is a high-end radiator at its best. It’s made from premium materials and is extremely durable yet still provides a homely warmth to your room. At H1800 x W370mm, and with a heat output of 2772, this is a great choice for heating a large space – especially if you’re looking for a designer radiator that can act as a focal point. The price point of £602.95 reflects Hudson Reed’s commitment to producing stunning and luxurious home heating products at competitive prices.


Hudson Reed: Final Thoughts

As you can see, Hudson Reed has a diverse range of designer radiators to suit a variety of different needs and tastes. Their elegant yet simple designs wouldn’t look out of place in the most modern of homes yet, in some cases, they can act as a complete focal point too- Ceylon, we’re looking at you! This list is just a start of the stunning Hudson Reed radiators available at Only Radiators, so don’t forget to check out the best of the rest!

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