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Our Favourite Dual Fuel Heated Towel Radiators

A warm bathroom year-round is a necessity. Not only is getting out of the shower to a freezing cold room no way to start the morning no matter what the season, a warm bathroom is also one of the best ways to prevent damp and mould. 

Heated towel rails that connect to your central heating are the perfect winter option. You can have a perfectly heated bathroom (as well as warm and fluffy towels) without having to faff around with different switches. Your central heating will warm your towel rail, while warming the rest of the rooms in your house. Summer can be a little trickier. While you will still crave a warm and fluffy towel in the morning, you may not want to have to heat your entire home to get them! 

Introducing, the dual fuel heated towel radiator. Dual fuel bathroom towel radiators use a combination of heating types - electricity and central heating. They can be connected to your central heating in the winter, warming your towels at the same time as the rest of your home, but in the summer they are powered by electricity - switching on independently so you can have warm, dry towels without making the rest of your home a sauna. 

Ready to dive into the world of dual fuel bathroom radiators? We’ve got a huge range available, but have somehow whittled it down to our top 5. Let’s take a look at our favourite dual fuel heated towel rail radiators. 

Crosswater Seattle Designer Heated Towel Rail Radiator - Metallic Black Matte - 1185 x 500mm

The Crosswater Seattle heated towel rail radiator is top of the list for a reason - it excels in both performance and efficiency, and it looks pretty darn good too! Whether you’ve got a traditional or modern style bathroom, this dual fuel radiator will enhance the interior and turn your bathroom into a room to be proud of - complete with gorgeous fluffy towels to warm you on a chilly morning!


This has plenty of room for hanging your towels making it ideal for larger families. It comes in a mesmerising matt black finish which enhances the already designer look, and it’s extremely durable thanks to the quality materials used. With a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee, this is a dual fuel towel radiator to be proud of. This stunning model costs just £299.99. 

Crosswater Svelte Vertical Designer Heated Towel Rail Radiator - 1100 x 500mm

Next we’ve got another by Crosswater and it’s the turn of the Svelte vertical designer heated towel rail radiator, measuring 1100 x 500mm. 


This dual fuel radiator is the touch of class and elegance your bathroom needs. It has a stunning contemporary design that looks beautiful in modern bathrooms - while also providing more than enough space to hang your towels. With a good heat output, this dual fuel radiator is energy efficient and excellent value for money. It comes with a 7 year manufacturer’s guarantee and costs £398.95. Choose from 2 gorgeous finishes - metallic matt black or soft white matt.  

Brenton Avezzano White Flat Panel Heated Towel Rail - 1200 x 450mm

For a stunning white dual fuel radiator that’s guaranteed to brighten any bathroom no matter how dreary it is outside, look no further than the Brenton Avezzano Flat Panel heated towel rail. This is the epitome of elegance, with a flat panel design that compliments any modern bathroom beautifully. 

Brenton is a brand that prides themselves on quality, and this radiator is testament to that. It’s leak tested, 96 hour salt water tested and pressure tested to 10 bar - so basically it should last a while! For such a compact and luxurious radiator, these results are seriously impressive and if you’re thinking you’re going to be blowing your entire summer holiday budget on this model, think again! This costs just £119.99.

Brenton Fomax Stainless Steel Curved Heated Towel Rail Radiator

The Brenton Fomax Stainless Steel dual fuel radiator is simplicity at its finest. While the design is undoubtedly unique, the minimalist curves pair beautifully with any bathroom, and the polished chrome finish adds that extra touch of understated elegance. It comes in 8 different sizes meaning you’re bound to find one that looks perfect in your bathroom. 

But before we get carried away talking about the design, let’s take a look at the performance. This has a durable stainless steel construction that will stand the test of time, and ample space to hang your towels to dry. It’s the perfect dual fuel option, with great heat conductivity no matter how you choose to power it. The 25 year guarantee is a testament to its quality, and almost unbelievably, it costs just £115.00 - a small price to pay for something this good looking!

Phoenix Jade Bathroom Designer Heated Towel Rail Radiator - 800 x 500mm

For a dual fuel heated towel rail that heats your bathroom, looks great and provides valuable storage (and if there’s one thing we all need it’s more storage), look no further than the Phoenix Jade designer heated towel rail. 

This unique and compact little dual fuel towel rail is hugely practical for both storing and warming towels, while also keeping your bathroom looking gorgeous. It’s perfect for smaller bathrooms due to the compact size, and it’s covered by a 5 year warranty to guarantee you long lasting warmth, comfort and, yes, fluffy towels! Get this dual fuel radiator for £269.99.

Full Range of Dual Fuel Ladder Towel Rads

A ladder towel radiator looks great in any bathroom, a dual fuel ladder towel radiator is the icing on the cake. If you’re feeling inspired, check out our full range of ladder dual fuel towel rails right here

Full Range of Designer Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rads

A designer towel radiator is a sure fire way to ensure your bathroom stands out from the rest, while keeping your towels warm and snug no matter how bad the weather outside! If you’re after a little more luxury than the standard dual fuel towel radiator, check out our full range of designer models.  

Full Range of Traditional Dual Fuel Heated Towel Rads

Finally, we’ve got traditional dual fuel heated towel rails. While modern towel rails look beautiful in contemporary bathrooms, if you’ve got a bathroom kitted out with all things vintage, you’re going to want something a little more traditional. We’re here to lend you a hand yet again, and have a huge selection of traditional towel rails to choose from. 

If you’re purchasing one of our towel radiators that can be used as a dual fuel radiator also, you simply need to purchase a t-piece and an element. The element will slot into the radiator and heat it using the mains electric, while the T-piece will turn the radiator into a dual input radiator - meaning it can be connected to the central heating and mains electricity at the same time. Shop our T-pieces and elements here, and please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. 

We’re a friendly bunch and if there’s one thing we love more than towel rails, it’s helping our customers. If you have any questions about our products, or need a little more info on dual fuel towel radiators, please get in touch. 

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