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Our Top 6 Space Saving Radiators

While large, show stopping radiators may look fantastic if you’ve got a large space to fill, they’re not quite so easy to style in smaller rooms, such as bathrooms and hallways. If you’ve got a smaller room that needs heating, you don’t need to compromise on style; but you may need to opt for something more minimalist! Our space saving radiators suit a range of budgets, preferences and interiors to help you heat your home in style.

Check out our top 6 radiators for smaller spaces.

1. Brenton Ruby Flat Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator - White

The Brenton Ruby Flat Panel Designer Radiator is a firm favourite amongst the Only Radiators lot. It’s neat and compact but still packs a punch design-wise, with the flat horizontal panels giving that ultra-modern look, and the bright white finish effortlessly versatile.

This modern white radiator will open up any room thanks to its stunning finish and minimalist design. It’s ideal for keeping your bathroom or hallway warm and cosy, without compromising on space.

This isn’t just a space saving radiator, it’s also made from the highest grade steel material to make it extremely heat conductive and durable. It comes with a 5 year guarantee and connects to your central heating. Choose from single panel at £119.99 or double panel at £179.99. Or, if you’re after something a little bolder, this radiator is available in custom RAL colour options.

2. Butler & Rose Vertical Designer Column Style White Radiator

For a beautiful, eye-catching designer radiator, look no further than this Vertical Designer Column Radiator from Butler & Rose, a brand renowned for their stunning vertical radiators that create a standout feature in any home.

This model is tall and eye-catching yet minimalist, making it a perfect space saving radiator. It has enough elegance to show all your guests that you know what you’re doing interior-wise, but it’s understated enough to slot into any smaller living room or hallway.

This Butler & Rose radiator has been made from high grade steel. It’s heavy duty and durable, and you can choose from either 2 or 3 vertical columns. It’s powered by either central heating, dual fuel or electric, and is also available in a range of bespoke colours. It comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee and costs £104.99.

3. Reina Flat Panel Vertical Designer Radiator - Anthracite

Simplicity is the key to an uncluttered home, and this Reina Flat Panel Vertical Radiator is perfect for making your room seem both larger and trendier. The stunning flat panels make this radiator sleek and stylish, it doesn’t protrude too far into the room; instead acting as a simple yet beautiful wall feature. The anthracite finish is modern, pairing beautifully with monochrome styled fixtures to help enlarge the room.

This tall space saving radiator may look best with those cooler tones, but it certainly does the job heating-wise too! This model is durable and functional. It comes with a dual fuel option and has a fantastic heating output. Choose from single or double panel and breathe easy with a 5 year manufacturer guarantee. It costs just £104.99.

4.  DQ Heating Cove Mirror Mild Steel Vertical Designer Radiator

If you’re after something a little different, the DQ Heating Cove Mirror Vertical Designer Radiator will be up your street. This innovative space saving designer radiator doubles up as a full length mirror, meaning you don’t need a seperate mirror in the room. It’s as stylish as it is practical, available in 3 stunning finishes; white, black or anthracite. It’s a wonderful space saver providing a minimalist feel, while the built-in mirror will help to open up any room.

This radiator performs fantastically heating-wise too. It’s made from mild steel and is exceptionally durable. It has a great heat output and connects to any central heating system. Choose from 3 finishes and 2 different sizes to suit your room. It starts at £229.96 and comes with a 5 year manufacturer guarantee.  

5. Aeon Bamboo Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Vertical Designer Radiator

Bringing more natural looking pieces into your home is becoming increasingly popular, thanks to nature’s unrivaled help when it comes to relaxation. Make your home a sanctuary with this stunning Aeon Bamboo Wall Mounted Vertical Designer Radiator. The beautiful design mirrors bamboo branches, and choose from a gorgeous brushed chrome or polished finish.

This vertical radiator is simple yet eye catching. It can be put in the corner of any room to enhance the space, and it’s available in 5 different sizes making it perfect no matter how much space you have to work with. This model offers 3 fuel source options; central heating, electric or dual fuel, and it comes with an enormous 20 year manufacturer guarantee. Prices start at £414.95.  

6. Hudson Reed Revive Double Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator - Anthracite

The Hudson Reed Revive Horizontal Designer Radiator is a stunning horizontal space saver, with the beautiful anthracite finish ensuring it slots beautifully into any room. This radiator is sleek and minimalist, adding a touch of finesse to your home and helping to open up the room with it’s low-key look.

This horizontal radiator is perfect for slotting underneath a window or large covered wall space. While horizontal radiators are generally quite traditional, this model offers a modern twist and the finish pairs well with virtually any colour scheme. It’s double paneled, for extra heat conductivity and available in two different sizes to suit your home. It’s both heat and water resistant, and comes with a 30 year guarantee for peace of mind. Prices start at £222.95.

BONUS: DQ Heating Radiator Bench Mild Steel Horizontal Radiator Bench  

Yes, we said we’d only mention our top 6 space saving radiators, but we simply couldn’t leave you without mentioning this DQ Heating Horizontal Radiator Bench. This column radiator offers impressive warmth, but doubles up as a bench making it perfect for any spa-like bathroom. It’s a fantastic space saver, with the wooden top providing a perfectly warm slot for you to place your towels or relax after a bath or shower.

This bench comes in an array of sizes and colours to suit any taste and interior. It’s made from mild steel and has a 5 year manufacturer guarantee for peace of mind. It connects to any central heating system and the price starts at £523.96.

Styling a smaller space doesn’t have to be difficult, and our minimalist radiators are ideal for opening up any room while keeping it cosy on those chillier days! Check out our full range of radiators if you’ve got a little more space to work with and, as always, the team at Only Radiators are here if you have any questions. Get in touch here.

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