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Our Top Picks from our Favourite Brands

Only Radiators stock a huge range of quality radiator brands. From the stylish but affordable bathroom budget options to our state of the art designer radiators, we’re proud to stock something for everyone, and our range of brands means that no one will be left radiator-less this Christmas!

Our Brands

While we couldn’t possibly choose our favourite brand, we can choose our favourite product from each - as much as we try to be unbiased! We don’t stock anything that we don’t love, and we’re confident that you will love them too.

Here’s a glimpse at some of our favourite products from each of our well-loved brands, and how to shop the full range.


What better way to showcase Aeon than with this Honeycomb Stainless Steel Designer Radiator? Aeon offer an extensive range of vertical and horizontal designer radiators - some a little more unusual than others! They are loved by many of our customers thanks to their brave and bold look, taking inspiration from Mediterranean designs and oriental influences.

This Honeycomb model is a real head turner, adding a touch of cosy elegance to any space and available in two different finishes and four different sizes. It’s made from highly conductive stainless steel meaning it’s not just aesthetic, it’s also energy efficient, and the wall hung feature makes the room look more spacious.

If you love the Honeycomb’s unique look, you’ll love the rest of the Aeon brand. Check out their full range of stunning designer radiators and heating products.


With their range of stunning modern towel rail radiators, Bauhaus knows what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to heating. Their cutting edge designs are suited for bathrooms and other smaller rooms, and they all have a fantastic performance output.

One of our favourite Bauhaus products is the Svelte Vertical Designer Towel Rail. This is as trendy as it gets, with the modern, matt black design both functional and bang on trend. This towel rail is wall hung and of exceptional quality. The design is fun and fresh, and while we love the matt black, it’s also available in white.

For a towel rail designer radiator to make your bathroom stand out from the rest, check out the full Bauhaus range.


The Brenton Suva Heated Towel Rail is one of our favourite Brenton products. With the aesthetic brown finish coupled with the sleek and angular design, this towel rail looks at home in any styled bathroom -  as the wall mounted design and light wooden finish helps make the room seem bigger and brighter.

As one of our own brands, we stock a huge number of Brenton products. With their wealth of experience used to create their fresh and original designer radiators, it’s safe to say that Brenton have the knack! Choose from their beautiful traditional radiators or their stunning modern designs. Shop their full range here.

Butler & Rose

Butler & Rose are another that get the Only Radiators’ seal of approval. The Horizontal Designer Column Radiator is one of their most-loved. It’s the perfect size for most rooms and boasts a beautiful timeless design. If you want to make it your own, it can be chosen in 40 RAL colours to suit your individual taste. It’s also available in a range of sizes.

We love Butler & Rose for their traditional designs and intricate styling. Each item is constructed from the highest quality materials and topped off in a range of stunning finishes. Shop the entire collection here.


Comfortzone are loved by Only Radiators and, while we cannot attest to the design (as they produce underfloor heating!), we can attest to their value for money, quality and ability to make your home feel warm and cosy using their state of the art products.

The Comfortzone Underfloor Heating Mat Set will make getting out of bed in the morning that much easier. It can be used as a primary heat source, is energy efficient, quick to heat and has a low energy consumption. It’s easy to install and can be paired with a thermostat to control your entire heating system.

Anyone trying to decrease their energy output while keeping their home cosy will love Comfortzone’s heating mats. Check out the full range.

DQ Heating

Another that deserve a special mention is DQ Heating. Their Fender Heated Towel Rail Radiator is as versatile as it is aesthetic. Alongside the urban design and stunning matt black finish, this designer radiator has customisable shelving options to suit your preferences, and it can be connected to your central heating, electric or dual fuel system. It’s also available in 5 different sizes.

As a family owned company with over 20 years of experience, we are huge fans of the DQ Heating brand. Their focus on quality, style and affordability makes them one of our most popular heating providers - shop the entire range here.

Hudson Reed

Hudson Reed pride themselves on innovation, and this Revive Double Panel Designer Radiator is a perfect example. In a bright red finish, this vertical designer radiator is not for the faint hearted, designed to perfectly showcase your individuality and taste. But it doesn’t just look good, it performs good - rigorously tested with excellent energy efficiency.

All Hudson Reed radiators are available in four different finishes, so finding one to suit you is easy. Choose one of their many designer radiators at affordable prices and select your favourite finish. Shop the full Hudson Reed range.


The Phoenix Lift Designer Heated Towel Rail comes in a stunning anthracite finish and is perfect for keeping your towels cosy this winter. It works as both a designer radiator and a towel rail, with the 6 curved rails making it practical and stylish.

Practical and stylish seem to the be the Phoenix way. They boast an impressive range of diverse aesthetic styles that look acclaimed and distinguished in any room. Their products are created for optimum heat performance, produced from top quality aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel and brass. Shop their full collection here.


This Premier Curved Heated Towel Rail is practical, affordable and stylish. The sleek and simple design is topped off with the anthracite finish, while the mild steel is durable with excellent heat and thermal conductivity. The curved panels are perfect for holding both your hand and body towels.

Premier pride themselves on their reliability. They are experts in their field and passionate about providing quality heating in fresh and modern designs. Premier have a range of both single and double panel radiators, produced at either horizontal or vertical angles. Shop their full range here.


Reina are a privately owned company, committed to providing a range of stunning designs and styles of designer radiators that don’t just heat your home, but provide a stunning focal point. The Reina Neva Oval Tube Designer Radiator is a classic Reina product. The elegant white finish is stylish and comfortable, looking at home in any modern room. Connect to the central heating or electricity, and choose from single or double panel variants.

Reina were established in 2005 and are still privately owned, leading the way when it comes to unique and original designer radiators. They also offer a range of designer heated towel rails, with both their radiators and towel rails exceptionally well made in stunning finishes. Like what you hear? Shop their full collection.


Minimalist, ergonomic and comfortable, Thermogroup are loved by many thanks to their innovative designs and affordable prices.

The Thermorail Swivel Rail Dry Towel Rail is a statement piece. The rail can be swiveled for towel warming when in use, and can be pushed in when not to save space. Not only that, it’s also minimalist and stylish, providing a sleek and contemporary look that can help your bathroom feel bigger. It’s electric, so easily installed without the need to plumb into your central heating.

The rest of the Thermogroup collection also offers this level of innovation and practicality. They have a range of heating products, from underfloor heating mats to thermostats, to sleek and stylish designer towel rails. They remain one of our favourite heating brands,  constantly striving to put our customers’ needs first.


Last on the list of our favourite radiator brands is Ultra, who have expanded rapidly since their launch in 1982. Their focus is on timeless classics including designer radiators, heated towel rails, valves and bathroom accessories. They pave the way as one of the country’s largest independent suppliers, with their array of horizontal and vertical radiators and towel rails suiting practically any interior.

The Colosseum Triple Column Vertical Designer Radiator is our top pick from the Ultra brand. It’s unique, affordable, and made from the highest grade materials. The minimalist, wall mounted design suits any interior and can make any room appear larger and brighter. It comes in three stunning finishes; white, black or silver. Shop the entire Ultra collection here.

With such a huge array of brands, each with a multitude of designer radiators, towel rails and heating products, there’s bound to be one to suit your home’s interior - choosing which one to go for on the other hand, can be slightly trickier! As always, the team at Only Radiators are on hand for any help and advice you might need. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team.

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