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Some of our Favourite Double Panel Radiators

Are your existing radiators having a tricky time filling your larger rooms, or do you simply wish to style your home with something totally new? Come with us on a journey through five of our favourite Reina double panel designer radiators that deliver the ultimate in affordable, powerful heating power.

Types of Boilers and What it Means for Your Water Pressure

Are you wondering what type of boiler you have? Are you unsure whether it’s a gravity, combination or Megaflo system that keeps your home so toasty? Join us as we set off on an informative run-through of each boiler type and their technical specifics, and let’s figure it out together.

Our Top 6 Space Saving Heated Towel Radiators

Beat the impossible task of kitting out your smaller spaces with stunning towel radiators. This list of some of our favourite space saving heated towel radiators is bound to help you design the perfect compact heating look for your smaller en-suite or cloakroom bathroom.

5 of Our Favourite Stainless Steel Radiators

If you're looking for a splash of style that won't break the bank, a stainless steel radiator is a great way to make a statement! Take a look at a selection of a few of our favourites - you never know, you might find the one!

Underfloor Heating: The FAQs

Underfloor heating once seemed a dream to anyone with more sense than money – but that’s simply not the case anymore. Underfloor heating systems are incredible value and transform how your home heats for the better. Join us as we answer everything you ever wondered about this fantastic home heating solution.

8 Stunning Anthracite Radiators Under £250

The perfect addition to any contemporary home is a stunning anthracite radiator, with their sleek luxury design and statement looks, why not browse our list of some of our favourite anthracite radiators? Who knows, you may even find 'the one'!

6 of Our Top January Sale Deals

2019 will be a fantastic year if our January home heating sale is any indicator! Until the end of January, we’re bringing you the biggest deals on the best home heating items. Today we share six of our favourite deals from thousands of radiators deals too hot to overlook.

Our Top 6 Space Saving Radiators

It can be a real struggle finding radiators that fit small spaces, so take a look at our list of our top 6 space saving radiators to find the perfect rad! We're taking you through the best of the best when it comes to extra tall and thin, or the short and wider variety so every awkward fit can become the exact opposite! Don't believe us? Take a look for yourself!

6 of Our Favourite White Heated Towel Radiators

Step into our world of stunning white heated towel radiators. We've put together a list of our top picks for you to browse at your heart's content! Whilst this list is by no means our entire collection, it sure is a good start!
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