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How to Prevent Frozen Pipes This Winter

It was a wonderful summer but winter is coming, and that means the risk of frozen pipes are coming, too! Whether you’re an expert wishing to refresh your skills or would like to equip yourself with a totally new, vital expertise, find out how to defrost your pipes!

How to Purchase the Perfect Bespoke Coloured Radiator

We’re announcing something big here at Only Radiators: coloured radiators! That’s right, over 500 colours and some seriously stunning rads to choose from. Read on to discover how you can get the perfect bespoke radiator.

Why, When and How You Should Be Balancing Radiators

If you find a difference in how fast your home’s radiators heat up, your radiators are not balanced! Balancing radiators is a vital procedure before winter comes and half your home feels like a fridge all the time. Follow this simple guide for sizzling winter heating throughout your whole home.

Why You Should Get a Curved Towel Radiator

Towel radiators are a staple here at Only Radiators. But throw a curve into that design and you open new realms of drying capability and style. Come and join us on our exploration of some of the OR warehouse’s most impressive, extravagant and, of course, curved heated towel rail radiators!

Brenton Radiators: A Brand Focus

Brenton’s huge selection of radiators will suit a range of styles and preferences, whether you’re after something ultra-sleek and modern or vintage and charming. With such a wealth of experience in producing high quality and visually stunning radiators, you can be sure that you will be getting something more than just your standard radiator.

Summertime: The Best Time for Changing a Radiator

There’s no set time to change a radiator – which may well last a lifetime – but if you’re going to change your radiator then summer is the best time of year to do it. Some of the reasons are obvious, some may surprise you – discover them all in our latest blog post.

Vertical Radiators vs Horizontal Radiators: Which is the Best?

A battle of the ages occurs today as the best vertical designer radiators take on the best horizontal designer radiators. Join us as we reveal some of the main advantages and disadvantages of choosing each type, including some of Only Radiators’ very best horizontal and vertical designs for your perusal.

The Ultimate A-Z of Designer Radiators

You’re in for a treat with this latest Only Radiators blog entry as we compile our Ultimate Designer Radiator A-Z! Encompassing 26 of our favourite designer radiators, come and check out what’s knocking about our online store. You may well discover the inspiration to your next home heating renovation!

Why Chrome Radiators are the Perfect Choice

Whilst radiators were previously thought of as a practical essential that did little more than just heat your home, radiators these days are designed to make a statement and can add so much more than simply some extra warmth. Chrome radiators are up there with the best from a style and practicality point of view.
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