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A Guide on How to Replace a Radiator

Replacing a radiator is not the easiest DIY task but it’s by no means impossible. Heck, it’s even sort of fun in a masochistic kind of way. Click here to discover everything you’ll need to replace a radiator as well as a guide to getting it done.

Underfloor Heating Systems or Radiators?

Trying to choose the best home heating system? Conventional radiators and underfloor heating are both great ways to heat your home. In this article, we’ll examine the pros and cons of each system, making decision making easier for you!

How To Get Rid of Mould Around Your Windows

Knowing what causes mould is the first step to completely avoiding having to do anything besides cracking a window open sometimes. Or just looking at your ventilation. Because mould in the house is caused by condensation. Easy.

Underfloor Heating Clearly Explained

When it comes to heating your home, radiators are not always the answer. There is another form of home heating that’s gaining popularity and that is underfloor heating. If you’re considering redoing your heating or simply want a good read, join us as we dissect this hot topic.

Where to Position a Radiator (Not Just Under the Window)

There are a number of different areas in your home where you can place your radiator, they don't have to be under the window! As long as the radiator isn't blocked in any way, it's purely an aesthetic choice as to where you place it.

The Fascinating History of Radiators (From 'Hot Boxes' to Hypocausts)

Who invented central heating? Who invented the first radiator? What did the Romans make that we still use today? Find your answers right here!

The Importance of a Central Heating Inhibitor

It’s an unfortunate reality that your central heating system won’t just run forever. Just like all good things, it requires some TLC from time to time. Find out how with just a central heating inhibitor you can easily and for great value have your system running like new once more.

Since Drying Clothes on a Radiator Can Kill You, Here's 2 Alternatives

Learn about drying clothes on a radiator, buying heated towel rails for laundry rooms, and whether condensation can make you homeless.

Kitchen Heating Made Easy - How to Heat a Kitchen

Kitchen heating can be made easy by reading this expert guide which will talk you through all the different kitchen heating solutions out there.
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