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Summertime: The Best Time for Changing a Radiator

This week on the Only Radiators blog, we’ll be sharing the best known little secret when it comes to changing a radiator. And as you may guess by the title, it involves the optimal season for switching out your tired old radiators with a host of new home heating beauties.

And what better place to discover one of these new radiators than our expansive online store?

In an ideal world, there would be no need to ever change out a radiator as they would work forever – and some do!

But even flying pigs can fall, and so it’s best to prep yourself come summer so that you don’t have a disaster on your hands later on in the year.

Radiator Replacement Signs to Watch for

There’s nothing worse that you can do than let your old radiators run out of steam before discovering they truly have bitten the bullet.

Of course, likelihood dictates that this will occur in the very dead of winter, during a national shortage of engineers, or some other situation that leaves your family freezing far longer than anybody should have to endure.

While there is no standard lifetime for radiators, you can keep an eye out for general shifts in the efficiency of your existing radiators. These includes slower heating times, cold spots, rust, leakages and more. If you have a concern about any of your radiators, you can contact us here for advice on what might be going on.

So, whether you have noticed any of the above degradations occurring with your existing radiators or simply have decided that now is the time to change radiators, let’s get down to just why summer is the right time for it.

Why is Summer Best for Changing a Radiator?

Despite this heatwave, winter is coming… And when it gets here, it’s no doubt going to be every bit as brutal as usual.

If winter is the season to be jolly, summer is the season to be changing radiators – we’d write a cover song but we’re not sure the world is ready.

Now, let’s take you through the key reasons why summer is the time for radiator replacement.


Not Needed During Summer Months

First off – especially this year with a heatwave equal parts glorious and torturous – there is absolutely no need for a radiator during the summer months.

Your home temperature is already likely way too hot, you’ve got more fans than the Wealdstone Raider running throughout your home.

The last thing you want to do is turn on the central heating, which enables you to spend your time thinking about things like radiator replacement costs and who to call to replace your radiators rather than needing them at all!

Pushing Old Radiators to Their Limit

In winter, radiator breakdowns are far more common due to the stress placed upon old heating units. It makes sense that if you are cranking up your radiator daily and it is already an old unit, there’s an ever-rising chance that it will simply give up the ghost one day.

If that happens during a snow-in, you’d better hope you’ve got a lot of spare blankets tucked away. Avoid feeling like Jack at the end of The Shining and get your radiator replaced whilst the sun’s out.


Consider the Engineer

Unless you know how to replace a radiator yourself – which is certainly not impossible – then you will be counting on a qualified engineer to visit and work his magic for you. And just as winter places stress upon old radiators, it places stress upon radiator engineers.

You can imagine how crazily the schedule of a radiator engineer escalates during the dark months, so swap your radiator in the summer to avoid waiting days.

It’s a chance to give those unsung heroes something to do during the quieter summer months and, if something untoward does occur come winter, you can bet on being placed at the top of their response list!

Beat Back the Bills

The older your radiator, the more it is potentially costing you to run during those cold winter months. Summer is the perfect time to consider a radiator that is not only new but as a result far more energy efficient.


A new model of radiator can save you hundreds per year in heating bills! So, if you’d like to learn more about which radiators are the market’s most efficient, just reach out to us for some free and impartial advice.

You can also check out our Only Radiators BTU calculator right here, where you can work out the required heat output to fill the size of any room throughout your home, and cross-reference this accordingly!

Style it Up

Another key point to consider is that changing a radiator in summer gives you a far more relaxed time frame when it comes to selecting the style of your new home heating arena. Enjoy the luxury of time to really plan out your renovated home heating approach, figure out just what radiators would look best in which room, then let your new designer radiator statement pieces settle in and be admired by friends and family.

Head right here to check out the Only Radiators full range of feature radiators and see how a radiator can be an interior design figurehead as well as functional heat provider.

You can also fine-tune them for optimal performance when required and, whether or not you initially intended to, adjust your décor to suit them so that when winter comes your home is not only furnace-like but fashionable.

Trust us, this happens more than you might think!

Create Your Winter Masterpiece

Now that we have given you all of the above knowledge, it is time to set you free to explore our entire range of radiators!


From traditional column units like this Brention Horizontal Designer Column Style White Radiator at just £145 to futuristic oddities like this Aeon Speira Stainless Steel Free Standing Vertival Designer Radiator at £6,879.95, there’s every kind of radiator you could want at Only Radiators. All that’s left for you to do is find which ones are right for you.

You cannot guarantee that your radiators will be problem-free come winter – but stick with us and you’ll have the best chance possible.

So, as it’s likely way too hot to head outside wherever you are, crank your fan on full blast and have a browse. There’s never been a better time to overhaul your home heating, and there’s never been a better place to do it than with Only Radiators.

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As always, keep checking up on the Only Radiators blog time and time again for industry-leading home heating ideas, and sign up to our newsletter for exclusive news, money-saving tips, competitions and much more!

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