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The Magic of Anthracite Radiators

Welcome back to the Only Radiators blog, where this week we are proudly celebrating the increasingly popular anthracite radiator.

Stick around as we explain just why our anthracite designer radiators are so sought after, as well as share some of our favourites, which are all available right here on our expansive online store.

What is Anthracite All About?

If you’re wondering what anthracite is, it is the colour of dark coal. And that lovely smoky dark grey colour has become a staple of designer interiors over the past few years. As you will see by the time this article ends, anthracite brings a seriously classy tone to any interior and anthracite modern radiators play a big part in this!

Anthracite makes for radiators that look incredibly contemporary and do well in finishing both industrial and organic interior effects. Anthracite radiators are often made of steel or aluminium and then coloured with that delicious anthracite tone.

It is no surprise that the anthracite radiator colour has become synonymous with luxury. Yet this shadowy luxury has never been more affordable. And what’s not to love about affordable luxury?

So, let’s now go into a selection of the best anthracite designer radiators that Only Radiators has on offer.

Flat Panel Anthracite Radiators

A fantastic first place to start is to check out our range of single panel anthracite radiators. Single panel radiators bring affordable heat to any room in the home and are perfect for smaller or busier rooms, though new technology and design increases the spaces they can heat more than ever.

This Reina Casina Aluminium Single Panel Vertical Designer Radiator in Anthracite presents legendary Reina aesthetics in a sumptuous anthracite tone – and its impressive size renders it a great pick for large living rooms or kitchen spaces.

It’s 1.8 metres tall and available in four widths, starting at 280mm for just £174.98 to 565mm for just £289.98. Constructed of superb quality lightweight aluminium and suited for central heating systems, this is a wonderful first foray into the world of anthracite radiators.

Or if you’re seeking something a little lower to the ground, you could do far worse than this Reina Flat Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator in Anthracite. Measuring 600 x 810mm, it makes a wonderful anthracite heating solution for your wider rooms or hallway setups.

It’s available in single panel form for £164.99 but for just £239.99 you can get it in an even more powerful double panel version. Which leads us nicely onto our next batch of anthracite goodness…

Double Panel Anthracite Radiators

If you are looking to fill much larger rooms with reliable, powerful heat then you may wish to opt for the more formidable anthracite double panel radiator.

As you would expect from Only Radiators, we have some wonderful double panel radiators featuring anthracite designer goodness.

There are many to choose from on our site so we thought we’d focus on one of our out-and-out favourites – the Reina Nevah Horizontal Double Panel Radiator in Anthracite. This rather stunning design comes in a rousing semi-gloss anthracite finish and is available in no less than eight sizes, starting out at just £129.98.

Over recent years, Reina have worked fantastically to end the old case of double panel radiators proving less affordable. Here you have an opportunity to obtain of the best anthracite designer radiators out there – and do so without breaking the bank one bit. And just like all of Reina’s respected radiators, it comes with their dependable 5 year manufacturer guarantee.

BTU and You

When it comes to filling much larger rooms with heat, you will want to work out the BTU you’re your rooms requires before you commit and get a radiator that is not powerful enough or, indeed, is far too powerful.

You can achieve all of this on our site using our rather funky Only Radiators BTU calculator. Just put in the dimensions of the room to discover the BTU needed by your every room, then check the BTU figures in the information section of each of our radiators. The results can sometimes surprise you…

If you need any advice on BTUs, remember that you can reach out to our support team here.

Anthracite Column Radiators

One of the wonderful features of anthracite as a design choice is that it doesn’t just work with modern home heating setups. These mesmerising anthracite column radiators are a fantastic example of that.

Check out this Butler & Rose Darcy 4 Column Cast Iron Radiator in 660 x 508mm sizing, priced at £399.98 in its wonderful anthracite finish. The Darcy’s timeless design makes it perfect for adding a splash of new to your classic décor – but equally in contrasting your modern interior with a taste of the old.

This wonderful unit is every bit as admirable as the character from whom it borrows its name, and comes with a 20 year guarantee so you know it is built to last.

Or, how about this Brenton Saturnia Anthracite Horizontal Column Radiator? Priced at just £164.99, this 600 x 622mm anthracite home heating unit revolutionises perceptions of the classic column radiator design with it unique rounded columns and slick wall-mounted design.

In terms of discovering the balance between style and pricing, the Brenton Saturnia is one of our favourite examples. Made of highest quality mild steel and equipped for central heating set-ups, the Saturna also comes with a 3 year manufacturer guarantee.

Oval Anthracite Radiators

For those budding interior visionaries who are seeking a slightly different direction when speccing their new anthracite radiator, our oval anthracite radiators may be just the ticket.

This Brenton Oval Double Panel Vertical Radiator is available in 1600 x 240mm sizing for just £119.99. The oval design to the panels may not seem a game-changer in your mind but when you see it in person, you’ll find that its understated shaping makes a big statement.

Its super thin design renders this Brenton Oval an incredibly practical way to add an essence of flair to your hallway, kitchen or lounge spaces. And if you have a larger room, why not consider two facing one another?

Constructed of steel with central heating compatibility, Brenton have also equipped this wonderful anthracite oval radiator with a dependable 5 year manufacturer guarantee.

Anthracite Heated Towel Radiators

Anthracite radiators are fantastic for their universal suitability, so why not bring that wonderful darkened hue to your bathroom with our wide selection of anthracite heated towel radiators?

Check out this desirable Brenton Hestia Electric Straight Anthracite Heated Towel Rail, sized at 920 x 480mm and costing just £169.98. Bathroom radiators are by no means an afterthought to Brenton, who have put all their legendary home heating knowhow into the Hestia.

The Hestia is intelligently designed, pre-filled with an electrical inhibitor solution that helps to protect the radiator’s internal walls and keep it filling your bathroom with heat for even longer. Towel space, as well as heat provision, are both excellent thanks to the Hestia’s three defined sections of horizontal rail. It is a minimal yet powerful unit – as many expect of their designer anthracite radiators.

However, the Hestia is by no means all Only Radiators has to offer you when it comes to anthracite towel rail radiators. In fact, we have a whole lot more. Check out the link to discover over 60 of the world’s finest anthracite bathroom radiators and see how you can hot up your bathroom with some anthracite spice.

Anthracite Everywhere

As you may have gathered from this article, or simply from having an ear to the home heating industry floor, anthracite is absolutely everywhere!

Anthracite radiators, when done well, seem able to simultaneously whisper and shout about their inimitable style. So, it’s no surprise that they have become such popular ways for designers to convey their home styling visions. Affordable, stylish, luxurious – anthracite radiators tick all the boxes.

While this article has brought you some of our favourites, check out Only Radiators’ full range of anthracite radiators and browse through over 140 single panel, double panel, column, oval and feature anthracite radiators.

We hope you enjoy cruising through our selection and are confident you’ll emerge with one – if not a few too many – in mind to buy!

Here to Help

As you may know, the Only Radiators team is filled with home heating experts who love nothing more than helping you achieve your designer radiator dreams. So whether you have a question about any of the anthracite designer radiators we stock, or would like to find out about absolutely anything else in the world of home heating, then please do not hesitate to reach out.

You can get in touch with us right here. We love to chat and look forward to hearing from you.

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