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The Ultimate A-Z of Designer Radiators

This week we’re doing something special on the Only Radiators blog - collecting 26 of our favourite stocked radiators in the Ultimate A-Z of Designer Radiators.

Modern designer radiators get more wild with every iteration and it can be tough to keep up – you think you’ve made up your mind on exactly which radiator is best, then one comes along like nothing you’ve ever seen before.


You might think it difficult to allocate a radiator for every letter of the alphabet but it couldn’t be easier thanks to our massive online store. We’ll be going by range name rather than brand name and so, in no order except alphabetical, here’s 26 of our favourite designer radiators.

26 of the Best Designer Radiators

A - Phoenix Ava Chrome Vertical Designer Floor Standing Radiator (£331.99)


The first letter on our list is covered by the Phoenix Ava, a long-time home heating kingpin and producer of some rather remarkable designer radiators. Aesthetics come first where Phoenix is concerned – simple, understated, and elegant.

This vertical bathroom designer radiator comes in stunning chrome finish with Phoenix’s solid five year guarantee. You’d be hard pressed to warm your home in a more stylish fashion than with the Ava.

B - Reina Bova Single Panel Aluminium Vertical Designer Radiator (£292.96)

You knew it wouldn’t be long before Reina reared their respected head. Boasting diverse designs that look outstanding in all interiors, Reina are renowned for their stylish units and this Bova vertical designer radiator is no exception.


It’s also available in a range of colours if you’d like to tap into the incessantly stylish realm of anthracite designer radiators.

C - Ultra Colosseum Triple Column Horizontal Designer Radiator (£322.96)

Columns are in no short supply with this triple column beast by long-time independent suppliers, Ultra.


Boasting their potent 10 year guarantee and available in a stunning high gloss finish, the Triple Column radiator makes a fantastic living room designer radiator.

D - DQ Heating Drifter Vertical Designer Radiator (£587.95)

When customers ask for our sexiest tall designer radiator, we usually look to this stunner. DQ have been unleashing stylish radiators with an attentive family-owned service for decades.


This white aluminium unit is available in four sizes and the perfect accompaniment to the minimalist décor of any room. Check it out now – you won’t look back!

E - Aeon Ecstasy Stainless Steel Floor Mounted Vertical Designer Radiator (£5,638.96)

When it comes to vertical designer radiators, there’s unique and then there’s unique. Aeon’s Ecstasy is one of the most visually striking designer radiators you will ever lay your eyes upon. Its floor-mounted spiral shape is out of this world, as though aliens left it during an intergalactic stopover.


It’ll cost you a pretty penny at £5,638.96 but you can rest assured that you’re probably never going to meet anybody else with this beautiful radiator!

F - Reina Fiore Vertical Designer Steel Radiator (£379.99)

Reina’s second entry is the gorgeous vertical designer steel radiator, dubbed Fiore. The sheet steel of this impressive radiator runs up the wall like an Aztec pattern and leaves its mark as one of the best designer radiators out there.


If you’d like to look further into the world of sleek black radiators, check out our recent blog on just that.

G - Phoenix Geo Carbon Steel Electric Vertical Designer Wall Mounted Radiator (£334.99)

Add a touch of the contemporary to any minimalist room with the sleek Phoenix Geo designer wall mounted radiator. The angular design makes a true statements of style.


Not only does it scream aesthetic luxury, but this fabulous radiator is also pre-filled with electric element and anti-corrosion fluid to extend its life. With a 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee on top of that, you can be just as sure of the Geo as we are.

H - Aeon Honeycomb Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Vertical Designer Radiator (£409.96)

Aeon weren’t messing around when they designed this vertical designer radiator, which is positively buzzing with style. Every now and then a special designer radiator comes along – Aeon’s Honeycomb is just that.


If you enjoy the space age aesthetic – or your significant other is a bee keeper – then call your designer radiator search to an end!

I - Aeon Imza Stainless Steel Designer Radiator (£556.96)

Straight in with another stunning vertical designer radiator by Aeon – here we have the Imza. As pretty as its name, the Imza is a simple, sleek unit with multiple vertical steel tubes for a powerful room-filling heat.


This fantastic piece is available in a brushed chrome or polished finish, with Aeon’s dependable 20 year manufacturer guarantee.

J - Butler & Rose Janus Bathroom Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator (£218.95)

Back into the bathroom we go with this rousing designer towel radiator by Butler & Rose. You may not know these guys but now is your chance – trust us, you won’t regret it.


This small brand specialises in the area where traditional meets progressive. The Janus is just one of their many exquisite bathroom-enhancing designer radiators.

K - Aeon Kaptan Stainless Steel Vertical Designer Heated Towel Rail Radiator (£623.95)

If anyone could expand the seemingly simple field of designer heated towel radiator style – it’s Aeon.


Here with another stellar example of signature creativity, the Kaptan combines the highest grade stainless steel and a strongly durable design for an imposing heated towel unit and strong centrepiece to any bathroom.

L - Aeon Labren Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Designer Radiator (£1’104.95)

If you’re looking for style and efficiency in balance, the Labren by Aeon may be for you. It’s a compact unit available in a brushed matt or polished finish, so you can spec your designer radiator to your interior’s exact requirements. There’s also a 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee - who could say no to that?


M - Phoneix Mia Vertical Designer Wall Mounted Radiator (£172.96)

Affordable, arresting, the apex of what Phoenix aspires to provide. The Mia is a quality designer bathroom radiator with a sequence of forward-set horizontal tubing to dry a family’s worth of towels.


For a crisp chrome finish to brighten your bathroom – as well as add to the vertical aesthetic of the room with its high-rise figure – look no further than the Mia.

N - Reina Neva Oval Tube Vertical Designer Radiator (£160.00)

Accent any room with understated style using this vertical anthracite designer radiator by Reina, named the Neva.


Available in single and double panel options – the colour makes Reina’s Neva the perfect solution for any DIY interior decorator looking for a unit to compliment their existing work.  

O - Phoenix Orla Vertical Carbon Steel Designer Radiator (£227.99)

The Orla shows the potential of carbon steel in the realm of the designer radiator, a fantastic material Phoenix reckons offers new levels of efficiency.


Sleek and confident, this vertical carbon steel designer radiator features forward-set horizontal carbon steel piping so towels can be hung and dried with ease. An effortlessly trendy designer bathroom radiator by Phoenix.

P - Phoenix Pettine Vertical Designer Radiator (£496.99)

From laid-back trendiness to out-there innovation, we have the Pettine by Phoenix. This white vertical designer radiator is shaped like a giant “E” with rounded edges that enable it to enter and enhance just about any interior.


Also available in anthracite, the Pettine is one of the most individual looking units by Phoenix and we absolutely love it.

Q - Reina Quadral Single Panel Aluminium Vertical Designer Radiator (£306.95)

For such an unusual name, the Quadral by Reina is not too far-fetched. However, that is no bad thing, because Reina does simple with style and substance.


The Quadral excels as an either white or anthracite vertical aluminium designer radiator, covering walls with unequivocal style and at fantastic value, too!

R - Brenton Ruby Flat Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator (£175.00)

Here we have chosen the Ruby by Brenton, who have not yet shown themselves in our Designer Radiator A-Z. Brenton create some truly majestic designer radiators and the Ruby is a fantastic example of that.


A white horizontal designer radiator comprised of slick flat quality steel panels, the Ruby is available with Brenton’s five year manufacturer guarantee.

S - Hudson Reed Sloane Double Panel Vertical Designer Radiator With Mirror (£312.95)

Another new brand steps into our “S” spot and that is Hudson Reed, a firm customer favourite who produce some of the most elegant designer radiators out there. The Sloane is no different, in that it is quite different!


Boasting a mirror that makes it the perfect vertical designer radiator for a dressing or bedroom, the Sloane has to be seen to be believed. We’re surprised more brands aren’t producing mirror-equipped designer radiators so watch this space, as we bet more will pop up soon.

T - Phoenix Tavola Vertical Designer Radiator (£376.99)

You’d be forgiven for thinking we’re going surfing with the Tavola by Phoenix – even the name of this vertical designer radiator sounds like something a surfer would shout while cruising atop a wave.


The Tavola is a great vertical bathroom designer radiator available in anthracite or white, offering a pair of horizontal towel rails to get your towels nice and toasty after a shower or a day out carving waves on the beach…

U - Phoenix Urban Pre Filled Electric Aluminium Radiator (£253.99)

Phoenix continue to innovate with their electric designer radiator dubbed the Urban. A suitable name for this modern, progressive designer radiator, the Urban is super cost-effective and offers all interiors something special with its understated anthracite or white flat panel design.


The future is electric and this aluminium designer radiator is a strong card played by one of the masters of home heating, Phoenix.

V - Phoenix Vega Vertical Designer Wall Mounted Aluminium Radiator (£190.00)

Phoenix pull out the stops with the Vega when it comes to colours. If you’re looking for a coloured designer radiator to accent your unique interior, get ready to be blown away.


The Vega comes in no less than five colours, adding to the usual white with anthracite, pewter, bronze and the incredibly quaint latte. Hey, don’t blame us if you end up reshuffling your interior palette to match the scintillating Vega!

W - Aeon Wave Stainless Steel Vertical Designer Radiator (£1,872.95)

Available in two sizes, the mesmerising steel waves of this incredible vertical designer radiator by Aeon are enough to turn any interior shipshape.

luxury-designer-radiator-stainless-steel-wave-vertical-designer-radiator This quite remarkable feat of engineering is also rather pricey, so you can also “wave” goodbye to any other luxurious treats you had planned – but when your home heating looks this good, what else do you need?

X - Hudson Reed Xcite Vertical Designer Radiator (£190.96)

Another excellent example of branding ingenuity, this Xcite vertical designer radiator by Hudson Reed encompasses a curved “X” shape with each line comprised of four slender chromed tubes.


“Xccentuate” your bathroom with this quality heating unit and be confident in its long-term performance thanks to Hudson Reed’s impressive 20 year manufacturer guarantee.

Y - Phoenix York Traditional Radiator (£359.99)

Having taken you on a journey through some of home heating’s most outlandish designer radiator styles, we bring it back to basics (or at least tradition-inspired newness) with this unit.

A white column design encased by a cool chrome framework, what more could you want?


Available in central heating, electric and dual fuel options, there is nothing traditional about the functionality of this stunning Phoenix production.

Z - Phoenix Zion Designer Wall Mounted Aluminium Radiator (£226.99)

Finally, we arrive at the aptly named, Zion.


There is nothing too wild about this number by Phoenix – just a slick vertical towel rail designer radiator available in white, anthracite and the oh-so-lovely latte with which Phoenix is making waves around the world.

Which Letter is Your Next Selection?

26 radiators passed so fast, covering such a range of designer radiators perfect for placement throughout your home. And it’s interesting to note that Phoenix had by far the most entries.

From horizontal lounge designer radiators to vertical bathroom towel rail radiators, we have you covered, though this is only a small selection of the thousands of radiators available in our expansive online store.

If only we had an alphabet long enough to showcase them all…

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