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The Best 5 Bathroom Radiators Which Include a Towel Rail

Bathroom Radiators with Towel Rail (or Rails)

Tired of lonely towels having no place to dry? And sick of the smell of mildew from towels that didn't dry quick enough? Worried that a heated towel rail on its own won't heat the room enough? Well, solve all those problems and more with a bathroom radiator with towel rail.

Simply check out the following list of the top bathroom radiators with a towel rail below. They're one of the most considerate upgrades you can buy for your home, and for your family.

According to polls in the UK by radiator retailers, people often cite the cost of a getting new towel rail installed beside their radiator. Or worrying that a towel rail won't heat their bathroom. As a result, bathroom radiators with towel rails are an increasingly popular choice since they provide both excellent room-heating and the benefits of a radiator with towel rail. And not just a radiator with a single towel rail, but a radiator with a heated towel rail. Plus, there's also options for multiple rails, for a radiator with towel rails that you can use to organise your home. And of course, bathroom radiators with heated towel rails too.

1 - Phoenix Icon | Contemporary, Carbon Steel

The Phoenix Icon would make a great bathroom radiator even without the slots, but the option to heat up any towel, cloth, or item of clothing in any room adds to it desirability.

It's a chameleon of interior design and home heating thanks to its ability to hide in plain sight as a towel rail until used. Many towel rails look too empty when bare, but the Icon certainly doesn't fall into this category.

The Icon offers some truly fantastic features such as a high heat output to keep you nice and toasty all year round, alongside a rather durable carbon steel construction so you can be sure of its reliability.

CE approved and wonderfully aesthetically appealing, the Icon boasts two adjustable towel rails to warm your towels of a cold morning. 

This luxurious piece offers a great deal of freedom thanks to the adjustable towel rails, alongside a hugely stylish minimalist design that means you can make a statement without taking away from the rest of your bathroom.

This beautiful bathroom radiator comes with a 5 year manufacturer's guarantee to assure you of its stellar quality. What more could you need?

2. Phoenix Scala | Modern, Carbon Steel

There's really no question that the Scala has a huge personality.

A truly contemporary and designer piece, this radiator is crafted from carbon steel for the best in durability and has 4 integrated slots for drying towels.

Available in striking anthracite or stunning white, the Phoenix Scala is a definite contender for the most uniquely shaped radiator going.

Boasting a sleek renowned powder coated carbon steel material technology for leading performance and longevity, the Scala is sure to keep you cosy and warm thanks to its wonderfully high heat output.

This stunning bathroom radiator is perfect for the modern home and would be particularly stunning  in a monochrome setting.

Not only does the Scala offer some truly wonderful features, but it also comes with a comforting 5 year manufacturer's guarantee so you can rest easy knowing that this beauty is of truly great quality.

3. Crosswater Seattle | Modern, Steel

A popular choice positioned more towards the ladder-rail-end of the spectrum.

The Crosswater Seattle is available in either black or white and would be great with or without a summer heating element (browse dual fuel elements here).

Making this a versatile radiator for bathrooms, but also ideal for kitchens because of a great BTU output with towel rails for hanging dishcloths, tea towels, aprons, and more.

Whilst the metallic black matte finish (right) looks utterly captivating, this beautiful designer heated towel rail is also available in a white finish, should you be after a slightly different look.

Crafted from sturdy mild steel and boasting some truly luxurious features, not to mention that wonderful towel hanging space, the Crosswater Seattle is of course an aesthetic dream too.

If all of the wonderful features don't quite do it for you, perhaps the fantastic 10 year manufacturer's guarantee will tempt you! What's not to love about beautiful quality that will last?

4. Butler & Rose Homage | Traditional, Steel

The Butler & Rose Homage is a little slice of perfection for the more traditional bathroom.

If you're a sucker for a period bathroom, this towel radiator is the one for you. Crafted from durable carbon steel and offering a high heat output to keep your towels (and your bathroom!) warm and toasty, the Homage boasts a plethora of practical and aesthetic features that you're bound to fall in love with.

Made from the highest grade materials according to internationally recognised standards, the Homage provides the perfect place to warm your towel before a luxurious bath thanks to that lovely bar design.

This wonderful Butler & Rose traditional piece consists of 2 columns and 7 sections making for a perfect traditional column radiator design.

If the above hasn't quite convinced you (unlikely, we know) then perhaps the reassuring 10 year manufacturer's guarantee will make up your mind. You can rest easy knowing that you've got your hands on a luxurious bathroom radiator that's built to last.

5. DQ Heating Fender | Modern, Mild Steel

Now let's take a look at something seriously contemporary: the DQ Heating Fender.

This beauty truly is a treat for the eyes, and whilst being an aesthetic piece of art, the Fender also offers a plethora of practical features that are bound to seal the deal.

Crafted from durable mild steel with a stunning matt black finish, the DQ Heating Fender provides a high heat output to keep your bathroom cosy as can be, alongside the ability to add some optional shelves for stacking those fluffy towels to keep them toasty - you can get your hands on these wonderful shelves here.

What's not to love about warming your towels is such a stylish manner?

You can connect the Fender to your central heating, electric, or dual fuel system meaning it is suited to any home. The Fender also comes with a pretty reassuring 5 year manufacturer's guarantee too, so you can rest easy knowing its of high quality.

Conclusion: How Do I Choose the Best Bathroom Radiator?

You've now seen the finest bathroom radiators with towel rail that are available. There's certainly more options than 5 bathroom radiators, but that's our selection based on a good balance of style, heat, and features. Because a radiator doesn't just need to either look good, heat your home well, or make your life easier - it needs to do them ALL. Reliably so.

Also, to quickly make the best possible choice possible, see our guide on how to choose the best radiator.

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