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The Vertical Mirror Radiators

Five of the Best Mirrored Radiators!

Roll up, roll up – it’s time for another scintillating blog from the heating experts here at Only Radiators. Our blog is filled with exciting insights into the world of home heating and this installation is no exception.

Mirrored radiators make a fantastic and fashionable addition to any home and so we’ve gathered five of the best from our extensive online store for you to use to brighten up your home (and check yourself out as you do).

No knee-busting DIY guide this time – just put up your feet, pop the kettle on and settle in for a rip-roaring roller-coaster ride through five of our most popular and exciting designer mirror radiators. And of course, if these aren't your absolute favourites, you can check out our full range of mirrored radiators here.

We’ll be shocked if one doesn’t catch your eye, so let’s jump right in.

Why Choose a Mirror Radiator?

Well, there’s not much more reasoning for buying a mirror radiator other than they look absolutely fantastic!

With designer radiators becoming somewhat of the norm these days, especially with the inundation of black radiators we see filling wall space, why not spruce things up in your home with one of our shiny mirrored radiators?

These aren’t necessarily chrome radiators – more likely the integration of a full mirror within pipework of either steel or aluminium, though you could certainly simply use a chrome radiator cover.

Mirror radiators combine excellent BTU readings with shiny mirrors so you can keep your home warm at the same time as satisfying all residents with a tendency for self-sprucing! Especially popular in the bedroom, hallway and other “check out” points, a mirror radiator is perfect for families who like to look sharp and feel toasty!

Adding character and heat, a mirror radiator provides the ultimate stylistic cherry atop any room renovation. And if you’d like to test the water first, consider some mirrored radiator covers to breathe new life into your units.

DQ Heating Cove Mirror Mild Steel Vertical Designer Radiator

Let’s kick off with this fantastic offering by DQ Heating. This great value double panel designer radiator with mirror combines a tall, crisp vertical glass pane with six anthracite steel pipes for a stunning, bold and modern appearance that is the perfect accent to any hallway revamp.

Available in two widths, as well as white and black finishes to suit your specific aesthetic plans, the DQ Heating Cove’s steel finish is great value and long-lasting!

It’s the perfect introduction to our Top Five Mirror Radiators and perhaps the right mirror radiator for your home!


  • Fuel Source Option: Central Heating
  • Material: Mild Steel
  • Available in 3 finishes (Anthracite, White, Black)
  • 5 year manufacturer's guarantee

The Numbers:

  • Heat Output (BTU 50ºC): 1996-3409
  • Heat Output (BTU 60ºC): 2523-4309
  • Heat Output (Watts): 585-999

Reina Reflect Vertical Designer Wall Mounted Mirrored Radiator

Next up we have a new feature from respected trendsetter, Reina and their Reflect Vertical Designer Mirrored offering.

A splash more cash and you can enjoy a higher BTU output for roughly the same size mirror radiator. This is a supremely stylish customer-favourite thanks to its sophisticated design that’s not only elegant but offers functional steel construction.

Available in white or black, this double panel designer radiator with mirror offers leading BTU efficiency for any room and is of course finished to Reina’s typically high standards.


  • Fuel Source Option Central Heating
  • Material: Steel
  • Available in White or Black
  • 5 year manufacturer's guarantee

The Numbers:

  • Heat Output (BTU 50ºC): 2944
  • Heat Output (BTU 60ºC): 3721
  • Heat Output (Watts): 2944

Hudson Reed Sloane Double Panel Vertical Designer Radiator With Mirror

Hudson have injected immaculate, sleek style into their Reed Sloane, available in either a stunning anthracite design or a more demure yet no less fantastic white version.

The central mirror of the Reed Sloane is lined by elegant double panelling and this mirror radiator’s thin design makes it perfect to light up tight spots in your hallway or downstairs bathroom.

This formidable mirrored vertical designer radiator in both style and price is a customer favourite (due in part to its remarkable 20-year guarantee!) and a worthy spot-holder on the Only Radiators Top Five Mirrored Radiators!


  • Fuel Source Option: Central Heating
  • 20 year manufacturer's guarantee
  • Available in Anthracite or White

The Numbers:

  • Heat Output (BTU 50°C): 3344
  • Heat Output (BTU 60°C): 4227
  • Heat Output (Watts): 1682

Hudson Reed Revive Mirrored Vertical Designer Radiator

And now for something really special, the Revive by Hudson Reed is one of the most stunning vertical designer mirrored radiators on the market. Consisting of a central mirror bordered on all sides by six or twelve anthracite tubes, it’s available in either single or double panel configurations to suit your space. 

Its unique design justifies every penny, in our minds at least. Plus you get a huge 20-year guarantee instead of the 5-year schemes lower down the price range, so you know it’s going to last!


  • Fuel source: Central heating
  • Material: Steel
  • Available in anthracite finish
  • 20 year guarantee

The Numbers:

  • Heat Output (BTU 50ºC): 1965 - 3924
  • Heat Output (BTU 60ºC): 2484 - 4960
  • Heat Output (Watts): 625 - 1249

Aeon Panacea Stainless Steel Mirrored Vertical Designer Radiator

Alright, alright, we couldn’t help it – when you have one of the country’s largest online independent heating stores, it’s hard to stop at just five! That’s why we’ve chosen to show you this Aeon Panacea, an absolute belter of a mirrored vertical designer radiator.?

Built from 100% stainless steel and available in brushed matt or polished finishes with a 20-year warranty, the Aeon is the absolute pinnacle heating addition. It wouldn’t look amiss in some of the world’s most luxurious hotels so it’ll probably be good enough for you!

If you’re looking for the perfect accent to your new modern, metallic décor, the Aeon is the solution that you certainly won’t regret!


  • Fuel Source Option: Central Heating, Electric, Dual Fuel
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Available in Brushed or Polished finish
  • 20 year manufacturer guarantee

The Numbers:

  • Heat Output (BTU 50ºC): 3002
  • Heat Output (BTU 60ºC): 3795
  • Heat Output (Watts): 879

Time to Reflect

Well, there we have it – five (six!) of the best designer radiators with mirrors, which are becoming more and more popular each day. But of course, that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

We have almost 50 other mirrored radiators, towel rails, valve kits and more shiny stuff available from our online store, so get browsing! If these haven't quite caught your eye, then check out our full range of mirrored radiators - that includes horizontal ones too! You're sure to find 'the one' in no time.

And if you have any questions about mirrored radiators, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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