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Heat Small Rooms Best with these Small Designer Radiators

Heat Small Rooms Best with these Small Designer Radiators

Welcome back to the Only Radiators blog, where this week we tackle the massive topic of tiny radiators! 

The nature of the new build era has meant that more and more DIY home decorators are looking for powerful radiators to heat smaller spaces. 

And luckily for them (likely you too, if you are sat reading this), our wonderful selection of products includes a whole host of small designer radiators ready to solve their space-conscious home heating issue and provide stellar performance along the way.

The Tall Order of Small Heaters

Good things come in small packages, so they say, and that is certainly the case when it comes to our range of very small radiators. Gone are the days when a radiator had to big to be powerful – these tiny home heating units fit wonderfully into the smallest of spaces yet produce heat outputs that are nothing to baulk at.

Our small designer radiators come in every style to match your every décor need – and their small size encourages innovation. If you have a very small kitchen, why not warm it with a heated towel rail radiator usually reserved for bathroom heating? 

Or, if you are heating an attic space where wall space is at a real premium, why not go for the less popular yet incredibly effective solution of underfloor heating?

As we tell our customers daily, you shouldn’t see a small space as a restriction when it comes to home heating, instead as a design challenge and chance for you to flex your aesthetic muscles. 

It has never been easier to heat small spaces thanks to our ever-increasing range of top quality small designer radiators available on our online store so, without further ado, here’s a selection of our best.

Brenton Fornax Polished Stainless Steel Curved Heated Towel Rail Radiator

We decided to kick things off with this remarkable stainless steel designer radiator by Brenton.

The Fornax is available to you for for a jaw-dropping price, and is a compact yet powerful curved heated towel rail radiator measuring 430 x 600mm for highly adaptable placement.

The outward curve of the Fornax increases its usability when it comes to drying towels, making it a perfect choice for the smaller bathroom.

It’s also a popular choice for those looking to heat a kitchen, en-suite, guest bedroom or even large cloakroom!

Brenton are well-known across the home heating realm for a reason and the Fornax is a perfect example of their best traits.

It offers incredible energy efficiency and heat conductivity due to its highest-grade stainless steel construction, with central heating, electric and dual fuel function, and comes equipped with a reliable 25 year manufacturer guarantee.

The Fornax is also in compliance with the EN442 standard so you can be sure you're getting efficient heating in your home that's safe and sound too.

Reina Flat Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator - Anthracite

This riveting Reina small designer radiator is a personal favourite of many of the Drench team – one glimpse and we are sure you will understand why. Especially when you see that both the single panel version and double panel version are totally affordable! What's not to love about style at an affordable price?

Hoisting up its beautiful anthracite flat panels with two delicate chromed legs, this small horizontal radiator by Reina measures just 600 x 440mm, with commendable conductivity levels rendering it the perfect choice for all smaller-sized living rooms and bathrooms. 

And if for some incomprehensible reason you do not absolutely love its anthracite sheen, you can tap into no less than 40 different official RAL colours and turn this small designer radiator into any shade you desire. 

With its dual fuel functionality, bulletproof 5 year manufacturer guarantee and full EN442 international standards met, this tiny Reina designer radiator is anything but underwhelming. 

Reina Elvina 2 Designer Heated Towel Warmer with Double Towel Rack in Chrome

And now, for something totally different, we bring you this small designer towel rail that may not be quite so tiny as some of the other small radiators on show but backs up its offering with innovative heated storage options!

What seems like a novelty is rather handy, with two horizontal heating rails offering fantastic space-saving potential as well as looking nifty.

The Elvina 2’s mild steel may be chromed but this small designer radiator is contemporary gold, a perfect heating solution for bathrooms where size is limited. 

Thanks to its horizontal elements, the Elvina 2 is a great example of packing the most home heating power into the smallest possible package, spanning 1000 x 500mm.

The Elvina 2 is a wonderful consideration for all those seeking a truly unique small designer radiator.

It's suitable for central heating, dual fuel or electric systems only and, and as you have come to expect from them, the Elvina 2 features Reina’s excellent 5 year manufacturer guarantee.

Butler & Rose Elizabeth Bathroom Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator

If you know anything about the top home heating suppliers then you will know that Butler & Rose can always be relied upon to provide some of the classiest home heating options of whatever radiator type you seek.

With the Elizabeth traditional towel rail, they do the same for the world of the small designer radiator. Costing virtually nothing and measuring 965 x 495mm, the Elizabeth is an elegant choice when it comes to heating smaller bathrooms.

It could also be an aesthetic match to those smaller kitchens that exhibit a traditional design with exposed pipework.

For those who champion quality and functionality, the Elizabeth shines, constructed of the highest quality materials and backed up by a 10 year manufacturer guarantee. Designer radiators need not always be modern.

Butler & Rose continue to exhibit this fact in their masterclass of timeless home heating, rendered perfectly for the smaller room in this Elizabeth heated towel rail radiator.

DQ Heating Trench Radiator Heater

From traditional to progressive, we present the incredible space-saving Trench by DQ Heating. This fantastic floor-based heating solution makes an even smaller dent on interior traffic than the tiniest of small designer radiators, yet creates an incredibly reliable, resounding heat output.

The DQ is incredibly minimalist, not least because it is positioned level with the floor itself. The Trench works using a powerful heat exchanger that draws in cooler air and ejects warm air into the room via straight thermostatic and return valves. It is available in aluminium, beech and oak finishes – each beautiful in their own sublime way – at a range of costs depending on the size of Trench you require.

The Trench comes equipped with a thermo-servo motor with 1 metre cable and digital room thermostat for pinpoint temperature setting. Each digital room thermostat, you should note, can control up to four of these impressive Trench radiator heaters. Perfect if you have a sequence of small rooms to heat or would simply like to lay the floor of an entire storey with DQ’s innovative home heating solution!

DQ are well-respected in the home heating game, a family-run business who have built a well-deserved reputation over the past 20 years, so try out this radical home heating solution that fits the smallest of spaces with total confidence thanks in part to DQ’s resounding 7 year manufacturer guarantee. 

Thermosphere Underfloor Mesh EZ 150 W/M2 Underfloor Heating Mat Set

One of the best small radiator options you can opt for is not actually a radiator at all, rather this remarkably effective underfloor heating kit from Thermosphere. If you have been avoiding these due to not understanding how they work then no fear –they’re simple enough. 

Like a roll of carpet, heat mats are laid underneath your flooring and wired up to a thermostat for convenient and accurate heat control. Safety is key, with Thermosphere using a durable fluoropolymer coating to protect the uniquely twisted heating cable rupturing in any way. Due to the degree of installation required, most opt for a switch to underfloor heating when changing their flooring. 

Thermosphere’s Layflat technology ensures that whether fitting to a timber or concrete substrate, the fibreglass mesh is easy to fit flat, even when curving around corners. It’s also compatible with all flooring types, some simply requiring extra compounds or adhesives all available from our online store.

At Drench we appreciate the incredible effectiveness of underfloor heating at providing heat in small spaces where other radiators cannot fit. It’s why we’ve chosen to end this Super Six small designer radiators selection with this Thermosphere kit. You can then add a fantastic Thermotouch dual control thermostat in either ice white or satin black colouration too. And by the way, it comes equipped with Thermosphere’s dependable lifetime guarantee.

Small Radiators for All

So, there we have it, folks! A quick foray into some of the best bets when considering the best small designer radiators to fit your small and awkward spaces. Whether a low roof, angled wall, tiny room or combination of the lot, you can bet one of these will provide a perfectly snug fit, as well as perfectly snug heat output. 

That was just the tip of the iceberg, though – head over to our full range of small designer radiators for compact spaces to discover more small home heating options that may well be the perfect final piece of your interior’s puzzle.

Here to Help

Remember, our friendly support team are always just an email or phone call away and love nothing more than to assist your home heating quest. 

So whether you have a query about any of the excellent small designer radiators we have shared today, or simply want to know anything in the scintillating world of home heating, you can get in touch with us right here.

Your Leading Heating Source

As always, keep checking up on the Only Radiators blog time and time again for industry-leading home heating ideas, and sign up to our newsletter for exclusive news, money-saving tips, competitions and much more!

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