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Some of our Favourite Double Panel Radiators

What's not to love about a beautiful radiator that heats your home to absolute perfection? This week we will be sharing with you five of our favourite double panel radiators by home heating experts, Reina.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a greater quality collection of double panel designer radiators anywhere in the country than right here at Only Radiators. For that reason, we like to think our expert team know a thing or two about which double panel designer radiators tick all of your home heating needs.

What is a Double Panel Radiator?

Many older radiators you encounter consist of a single metal heating panel that runs between the hot water valves. This single panel fills with hot water and disperses heat throughout your room, as you expect a radiator would.

A double panel radiator works on the same concept only multiplied, built with two metal heating panels overlaid to result in the quicker, more powerful delivery of heat.

Larger rooms, hallways, landing rooms and other spacious areas benefit greatly from double panel radiators for this reason. They put out a greater BTU for the same area of wall covered, providing more efficient heating power.

The power of the double panel radiator design is found in its greater generation of convection currents, providing a channel between the two radiator panels as well as the channel between wall and back of radiator. The result is more heat channelled out more quickly – and you can’t argue with that.

So, if you find yourself breathing on your hands while you wait for your lounge to heat up in the evening, you should pay attention to this article. Shall we begin?

BTUs & You

If you’d like to discover the BTU you require to fill any room in your home then head over to the handy Only Radiators BTU Calculator where you find an easy guide to do just that. All you need is your trusty tape measure.

Once you have worked out your required BTU per room, you can define both whether you need a double panel radiator and just how powerful a double panel radiator it is that you need.

Double Panel Radiators: Five of our Favourites

1. Reina Flat Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator – White

This stunning Reina double panel designer radiator is a wonderful place to begin our double panel travels.

It's the epitome of the space-saving, ultra-chic designer double panel heating unit.

Standing on two elegant, thin legs and finished in sleek white, this Reina model delivers delicate looks in a durable steel construction and is enforced by Reina’s dependable 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

You cannot go wrong with this unit when looking for the ultimate double panel home heating addition to your smaller rooms. Why not fit a medium-sized room with two of them?

You can even have this radiator hooked up to your central heating, fully electric, or even dual fuel depending on your heating preferences!

Thanks to its seriously reliable steel construction, truly aesthetic design, and pretty tempting features - we're totally convinced that this radiator will delight you in every way imaginable.

2. Reina Casina Aluminium Double Panel Vertical Designer Radiator – Anthracite

From the small in stature to the tall, this impressive Reina vertical double panel radiator is a fantastic double panel selection.

This 1.8 metre radiator is available in four widths ranging from 280mm to 565mm, making it the perfect fit for any size of room.

Reina provides some of the best anthracite radiators around and the stunning semi-gloss finish of the Casina is no different.

This contemporary vertical radiator design is built from the highest quality aluminium for a modern and manoeuvrable unit that is proving incredibly popular across all types of interior, from a visually stimulating hallway piece to a calming lounge accompaniment.

And just like all of Reina’s designer radiators, the Casina features their solid 5 year guarantee for worry-free home heating.

This lightweight rad boasting a stunning aesthetic design and semi-gloss finish continues to impress with a hugely reliable heat output so you can be sure the Casina will keep you toasty and warm in the colder months.

3. Reina Belva Aluminium Double Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator – White

Next up we have another aluminium number from Reina. This double panel horizontal designer radiator is about as minimalist as double panel radiators come, and we just can’t get enough.

Standing 600mm high, Reina present the Belva in a satisfying six sizes from 412mm wide to 1452mm wide. That is a lot of horizontal double panel goodness!

The Belva features an intriguing and soothing vertical panel design across its horizontal length, and features widened columns that can be interpreted as Reina’s modern envisioning of the classic column radiator.

It certainly brings a fashionable freshness to any interior it graces.

Whether you are looking to add a modern touch to a classic home or hark back to classic times in your modern pad, the Belva may well be your perfect solution.

Combine a pretty astonishing heat output, truly aesthetic design, and some rather wonderful features - what more could you need?

4. Reina Nevah Horizontal Double Panel Designer Radiator – Anthracite

And now for something completely different… yet still made by Reina, of course!

This anthracite double panel radiator is simply stunning to behold. And it is highly adaptable too, available in no less than eight sizes to suit every room size.

The darkened tubular construction of the Nevah is nothing short of mesmerising, and it’s incredibly durable thanks to its mild steel build.

Its stripped-back design enables you to see the double panel design more clearly than in most equivalent radiator designs – and we love that about it. We won’t mention the guarantee, which you know full well by now is up there with the best of them.

And if you are keen on this design but rather a different colour, don’t forget that this radiator is featured in our exclusive RAL custom colour service. Just get in touch with our friendly customer service team for more details on acquiring a truly unique finish on your Reina Nevah – or any other radiator with RAL compatibility, for that matter.

5. Reina Vicari Aluminium Double Panel Vertical Designer Radiator – White

Behold the Reina Vicari, another masterful aluminium double panel vertical designer radiator by our beloved home heating specialists.

This sleek white unit stands 1.8 metres tall and is available in three widths, from 400mm to 500mm.

This popular Vicari model a fantastic example of how a double panel radiator need not be ostentatious to produce incredible heat levels for your home.

Suitable for central heating systems only, this is one of the Only Radiator team’s absolute favourite double panel designer radiators and that is why we have chosen to finish on it.

This stunning piece offers a prety 

Double Panel Magnificence

Now don’t get us wrong – you do not necessarily need to have a double panel radiator in your home. Many of those living in central city apartments or seeking to heat a smaller room will fare just as comfortably with a quality single panel radiator. But when the pricing difference between the two types of panel radiator has never been smaller, you may find yourself asking “why not?”

Double panel radiators are most often more efficient than their older single panel counterparts due to advances in home heating technology, and the effectiveness of the convection currents produced by their layered design.

Reina, Reina, Reina

We at Only Radiators love our Reina products, as you can probably tell by this Double Panel Favourites list.

Their combination of fantastic design and pinch-me-I-must-be-dreaming value for money means many of our Five Favourite articles become Reina product listings, just as has happened here. But of course, we offer so much more.

Just head over to our expansive online store and check out our full range of fantastic double panel radiators, where you can discover even more stunning examples of double panel designer radiators from the minds at Reina. But don’t forget that we also stock home heating solutions of all kinds by many more leading brands!

Here to Help

There’s nothing our customer service team enjoys more than chatting with you and helping you to solve your home heating conundrums.

If you have any queries about the double panel goodness you have seen today – or simply wish to ask our experts absolutely anything related to the world of home heating – then please reach out.

Give us a shout as often as you like, we love to chat!

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As always, keep checking up on the Only Radiators blog time and time again for industry-leading home heating ideas, and sign up to our newsletter for exclusive news, money-saving tips, competitions and much more!

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