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Reina Radiators - A Brand Focus

Reina radiators have been around since 2005, when they were founded in the UK by Ulas Atay, and today Reina designer radiators are some of the most sought-after on the market.

Reina Radiators - What’s all the Fuss?

There’s a reason that we champion this brand as much as any other on our lovely online store – more than one in fact, including their highly effective range spanning all possible radiator price points, their proven experimentation with different materials, and their awareness of customer needs in providing all styles of designer radiator from the most classic to most contemporary.

And of course, the fact that they have a mind-blowing number of radiators in their range – over 200! – also plays in their favour!

Basically, Reina knows exactly what their customers want and they also know just how to provide it. No frills, no overtly progressive or unproven designs – just well-priced performance that other designer radiators have to try quite hard to beat.

So, if you’re out seeking a new designer radiator and like what you’re hearing, sit tight because now we’re going to take you through some of our most popular Reina radiator models, beloved by both our customers and our expert team.

And if you’d like to do a little direct digging, you can discover a whole lot more on their informative site right here.

Reina Flat Panel Vertical Designer Radiator

It makes sense to kick things off with Reina’s best-selling radiator and that is the delightful Reina Flat Panel Vertical Designer Radiator, which comes in this stunning white finish as well as this marvellous anthracite number.

Right away, you can see the adaptability of Reina, who have instilled this slick five-segment vertical designer radiator with both single- and double-panel construction options, which can be yours within days, exhibiting the powerful price points for which Reina is well-known.

This radiator is more than just a pretty picture, displaying leading attributes that radiators at double the price struggle to match.

The imposing 1800 x 366mm rad comes with a dual fuel option, an 895 or 1611 heat output wattage and a resounding 5 year manufacturer guarantee.

Tested according to the EN442 standards, you can be sure this Reina wonder is built to last, look stylish, and keep you safe.

Slick, minimal, sexy – this is exactly what Reina designer radiators are all about. This Reina beauty is available in a whole range of sizes too!

Reina Neva Oval Tube Horizontal Designer Radiator

Following a similar pattern to the Flat panel above, the Neva Oval is a classy and simple horizontal designer radiator that Reina has opted to provide in both stunning white and anthracite finishes, as well as in single- and double-panel constructions available for prices that'll have your jaws on the floor!

When you select the Neva, you benefit from its sultry and elegant oval tube design, stretching 550 x 1003mm to provide any room with a perfect touch of modern designer heating. 

Offering high heat conductivity and a truly energy-efficient design, the quality design of the Neva Oval ensures powerful performance, alongside a truly aesthetic design fit for any contemporary home.

This stunning horizontal designer radiator boasts dual fuel capability, high heat conductivity to ensure your home is cosy as can be, and of course there's Reina’s reliable 5 year manufacturer's guarantee to assure you of the Neva's stellar quality.

Steel is real – never has a statement been truer than with Reina designer radiators.

Reina Deno Stainless Steel Bathroom Heated Towel Rail Radiator

Now, in the Reina Deno we have something truly special. This heated towel rail radiator is a tour de force in the towel rail game – just look at it!

Reina towel radiators are some of the most popular that we sell, because the Reina towel rail exhibits everything good about this home-grown company.

Those elegant lines, that understated simplicity, and that gleaming stainless finish! There is quite simply no towel rail like a Reina towel rail.

Available in 3 sizes,the Deno blows the competition out of the water with its remarkably simple yet resoundingly proven design, dual fuel options and a rather special 25 year manufacturer guarantee.

And if the mesmerising polish of the Reno’s stainless steel finish is too much for you (if such a thing were possible!), Reina also provide the Reno in a more subdued satin finish to suit the entire spectrum of design choices.

Reina Fiore Vertical Designer Steel Radiator

Moving onto a more luxurious design, we're proud to present you: the Reina Fiore!

This wonderful designer radiator is crafted from top class steel in accordance with EN442 international standards so you can be certain that this beauty was built to look great, and last a long time.

Available in both a sleek white and modern anthracite finish, the Fiore adds a subtle contemporary twist to the oh-so-lovely vertical radiator design we simply adore here at Only Radiators.

Perfect for making a small statement of style and keeping your home toasty, the Fiore is easily connected to your central heating and offers a high heat output so those ugly, astonishingly warm  Christmas sweaters can stay in the wardrobe until the big day, and only then.

With some truly fantastic features, a captivating angular design, and of course that rather reassuring 5 year manufacturer's guarantee to assure you of its reliable quality, the Fior is everything you could possibly need (and more) for some serious home heating luxury!

Reina Slimline Steel Horizontal Designer Radiator

Phew! While we’re all still reeling from some of these powerful designs, we thought it best to wind things down gently with a return to the very crux of what makes Reina – simplicity and performance intertwined.

And with that in mind, we present this cool character.

A distinctive flat-panel model that is entirely without pretence, the Slimline is available to you for lovely prices that won't put pressure on your bank account.

The Slimline is rather slim and has good lines, so you know that Reina’s nomenclature is on point.

Available in a plethora of sizes to suit any sized wall space, the Slimline comes as expected in white, polished, and Reina’s signature anthracite gleam.

A central heating-fuelled model, this steel rendition is the perfect addition to any room in the home and offers unbeatable adaptability.

Tested to EN442 European quality standards, this Reina Slimline slice of luxury is everything you've been dreaming of, and if you're after that extra piece of reassurance - perhaps the 5 year manufacturer's guarantee will help? 

There you have it, total practical and aesthetic luxury, and the peace of mind that this wonder was built to last.


Reina Rules

Adding excitement to the world of heating for over one decade now, the still-private Reina continues to enhance the style of countless customers worldwide, and we are delighted that so many of these fans are created with the help of Only Radiators!

From their remarkable towel rails to their impressive vertical aluminium designer radiators, Reina has leading units in all shapes and sizes as it brings some its unique brand of home-grown beauty to the radiator world. With everything from contemporary designs to classic renditions, Reina’s multi-material output adheres to all possible price points to enable just about anyone to inject their home with some serious heating style.

The icy lines of the Reina logo are revered by radiator aficionados worldwide and they show no sign of slowing. If you’re interested in spicing up your home with a Reina radiator, just give our expert team a shout. We love discussing the hottest topics in home heating and Reina is a name that’s never far from our lips!

Until next time, happy home heating, and we look forward to welcoming you back next time with another foray into the world of radiators.

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