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8 Designer Towel Radiators For Under £250


Let's face it, no-one enjoys getting out of the shower or bath to be greeted by a damp, uninviting towel. With the many modern developments it's an all too familiar experience for many of us, when it really shouldn't be in this modern society of ours.

The world of towel radiators can be a confusing one at the best of times. There's no need to fret though. We've created this handy guide to help you understand how to get the most for your money. We've also included eight of our favourite towel radiators along with the relevant information to ensure you can make a well informed decision, giving you exactly the performance and design you require.

Best of all, we've chosen each heated towel radiator with sticking to a budget in mind. So, you can receive an amazing quality radiator for a price that doesn't break the bank.


How Would You Like to Power Your Towel Radiator?

By what means you heat your towel radiator is the first consideration you'll need to take into account. In the past this meant you had two choices, central heating or electrically. Although these are still two choices you now have a third. Nowadays you can also purchase a towel radiator with dual fuel capabilities.

The term 'dual fuel' refers to any radiators that are able to be connected to your central heating system and electrically via your mains, with the ability to be powered by either. This simply means that you'll be able to heat your towel radiator with the rest of your radiators or just on its own, giving you ultimate flexibility.

The value of the dual fuel capabilities really become clear if on a cold morning you'd like to add a touch of heat to your bathroom and of course your towel too!

You'll be able to do this electrically whilst not wasting energy or more importantly money heating the rest of your home. So, with your dual fuel towel radiator they'll be no need to choose between the damp towel or a feeling of guilt for heating the entire house for the sake of a warm towel. A choice we believe, just isn't necessary to make when the technology exists and can be enjoyed by everyone.

If dual fuel sounds like the way you'd like to go it's important to note that you're going to need a heating element to be able to use the dual fuel option. It's an extra financial outlay initially but will certainly be beneficial in the long run.

Size, Heat Output and Location

We're not quite ready to decide which heated towel radiator to go for yet. There's just a few more aspects to consider. The size requirements and more importantly, restrictions will be impactful on the options available to you - though we imagine you've already considered that.

The size of your room and more importantly where you have space will determine the size and orientation you'll need.  Heat output can be easily forgotten but is likely to be the largest factor in determining if the radiator you choose will be sufficient - so don't forget it! If you need to check what your requirements are going to be we've created a BTU Calculator to make life just a little easier (if you're not sure about BTU's in general - we can of course help you to understand).

Premier Curved Heated Towel Rail - AnthracitePremier-towel-radiator

Available from £48.95

It may be the least expensive of all the towel radiators we'll be looking at. Don't skip by so fast though! This is certainly in the upper echelons of the towel radiators we have, not just due to its affordability.

Heated via central heating only, perfect for those that just wish to heat their towel radiator along with the rest of your radiators. Also available in a straight version for those of you looking for a bit of variety. There's plenty of space for towels, keep them warm and fluffy, ready and waiting for you.

Being wall mounted, you can save yourself some vital cupboard space. Plus there's no more excuses for wet towels on the bathroom floor!

Bauhaus Edge Flat Panel Heated Towel Rail - Chromebauhaus-edge-towel-radiator

Available from £156.95

With any Bauhaus item in the home you can be sure that you're receiving an item of the upmost quality.  A sleek, contemporary design destined to impress even the most dubious of judges. Perfect if you're on the lookout for a modern heated towel radiator to provide a home for your damp towels for the foreseeable future.

There's 3 different sizes available, catering for a range of requirements. Not just a practical piece of kit, but a modern fashion statement that can spruce up your home even better than you initially dreamed. If you're keen on impressing your friends (We imagine you probably are), you may have found your future towel radiator.

Phoenix Vega Vertical Designer Wall Mounted Aluminium Radiator - 1600 x 280mm

Phoenix-vegaAvailable for £176.95

A large determining factor for many will understandably be focused on the appearance of the towel radiator. For those with a keen eye for contemporary decorative style, we think this could be exactly what you're looking for.

Complete with a vertical orientation coupled with a durable but fashionable finish. Behind the finish it's no less impressive though, manufactured from aluminium. Known for its corrosion resistance, high conductivity and efficiency.

Usually to get an aluminium radiator, you'll need to pay a premium, this towel radiator, you'll be glad to hear is certainly an exception. You'll get all the qualities associated with performance for a fraction of the cost.

Brenton Orosi Straight Heated Designer Towel Rail - White - H1700 X W500mm

Available for £188.95

For those of you in need of a family friendly towel radiator and the ability to heat your bathroom aswell as your towels, we've got you covered.

The most sizeable of our options so far too, and with all the related performance qualities that you'd expect from a heated towel rail which is provided with a lifetime guarantee.

Revolutionising your entire bathing experience has never been easier. Comforting warmth can be a fixture of your bathroom, whenever you require it. A luxurious addition for any bathroom in need of a little aesthetic lift, plus a whole lot of warmth too!

The manufacturer have even been so kind as to include a lifetime guarantee too.

Phoenix Level Bathroom Chrome Designer Heated Towel Rail Radiator - 1200 X 500mm for £181.96

Adding a stylish spin to a functional design. This fantastic towel radiator is striking in its appearance. It's not all for the sake of looking good though, you'll be glad to hear!

With an opening to one side of the bars, this design has ease of access to your towels at the forefront of the priorities. So, desperately clambering for a towel after a shower can be a thing of the past.

Space saving qualities are a very intentional benefit of this towel radiator. It'll be perfect for your bathroom if you're able to spare a little wall space but floor space is at a premium.

You're free to set it up as you wish, as this towel radiator is provided with dual fuel option for ease and more efficiency in how you heat your towels aswell as your home.

Reina Dynamic Stainless Steel Bathroom Heated Towel Rail Radiator - Satin


reina-dynamic-1Available from £195.95

There's very little restrictions in design possibilities when you're looking for a towel radiator.  Nothing demonstrates this more than this unique, modern towel radiator. We don't blame you if you want to show off a bit, we too like a good statement - in fact we encourage it!

Excellent conductivity and heat retention are just two of the many fantastic traits of this Stainless Steel Towel Radiator. Providing performance which more than matches the intricate design.

Another with no restrictions as far as the fuel source is concerned leaving the choice firmly in your hands.

Bauhaus Wedge Designer Heated Towel Rail

Available from £198.95

Family, friends and guests to your home rejoice - the answer to fluffy, warm towels is finally here. Or more accurately, fluffy towels warmed up in absolute style...

The Bauhaus Wedge Designer Heated Towel Rail is the ultimate contemporary companion for your bathroom. Available in stunning matt white and anthracite finishes, this towel radiator is an unquestionable contender for coolest-cat going.

With the potential to comfortably house multiple hand and bath towels it's certainly suitable for even the largest of households. You can grab yourself a stylish, practical towel radiator capable of improving the whole family's bathroom experience.

Phoenix Jade Bathroom Designer Heated Towel Rail Radiator - 800 X 500mm

jade-phoenix-1Available from £240.95

A white towel radiator can help to brighten even the darkest of bathrooms. Very few towel radiators have the presence to be a true focal point of your bathroom.

Double panels are a rare feature to encounter within this price range.  The benefit is simple. With double panels you've got twice as much power (roughly) but not for twice the price you'll be glad to hear.

The heat of this towel rail compared with its similarly sized and priced counterparts is certainly exceeding the norm. So, if you're looking for a towel radiator that has the capability to really contribute to heating your bathroom but isn't too large. It's highly worth taking into consideration.

Don't Forget the Extras

You'll need to ensure you have everything to set up your towel radiator too! Radiator valves are a necessity and will almost always be provided separately from the radiator itself.

You may need a heating element aswell dependant on the towel radiator you're purchasing. We do recommend any additional extras with the products. If you're unsure for any reason, speak to our team on 01202 612808 and we'll be happy to help you.

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