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Vertical Radiators vs Horizontal Radiators: Which is the Best?

The exciting world of designer radiators offers two main variants when it comes to selecting your home heating – these being horizontal radiators and vertical radiators. This week on the Only Radiators blog we shall be taking a look at some of the best of both!

Between both variants, you'll find every kind of designer radiator worth considering for mainstream home heating renovation, with thousands of examples of both featured in our expansive online store!

In this article, we're going to check out the perks of each proportion so you can select the very best horizontal and vertical radiators for your new home heating set up. Right, let’s start sizing these radical rads up.

Team Vertical

Let's kick things off with a detailed look at vertical designer radiators, which are considered by many to be the more modern of the two proportions. This is due to their recent rise in popularity and the waves of new innovations exhibited by some of the best home heating brands.

Vertical is cool, there’s nothing more to it. Their tall, slim structure adheres to and enhances the minimalist design approach that is defining modern homes as of right now. Vertical radiators are a fantastic option for smaller rooms, where a bulky horizontal radiator simply takes up too much wall space.

Contrary to popular belief, vertical radiators have an equal BTU heat output to horizontal radiators, despite many people thinking all the heat is lost out of the top of them. Choosing between the two orientations is really a case of what fits and looks best in your chosen room.


Vertical designer radiators enable you to save on space without sacrificing style. Consider the simple aesthetics of classics such as Brenton’s Vertical Designer Column Style Radiator (above) from just £104.99, a slimline design that is incredibly useful in spaces that may be small yet still require a huge amount of heat.


Or, if you're looking to tap into the very latest vertical radiator designs, you could do far worse than select the remarkable Aeon Bamboo Stainless Steel Corner Vertical Designer Radiator, available from £2,419.96 in brushed chrome and for a touch more in a remarkable polished finish. This corner design, much like a bespoke statuette or plant pot, takes up unused corner space and provides an incredible impression.

More Than Just a Radiator

Other vertical radiator innovations include mirrored vertical radiators, in which a mirror is framed by the heating piping of the vertical radiator itself. What at first may seem like an outlandish idea reveals itself to be a sleek and subtle design that is growing in popularity, and unsurprisingly so.


Check out the DQ Heating Cove Mirror Mild Steel Vertical Designer Radiator (pictured above) from just £229.96 and the Phoenix Image Mirrored Vertical Designer Radiator from just £304. Two vertical mirrored radiators that exhibit just what magic can be gained from mirrored integration into your new vertical designer radiator.

Back in Black

As well as mirrored vertical radiators, the home heating scene is currently experiencing the powerful trend of black vertical radiators. As we touched upon in our recent blog post, black designer radiators are making a huge impact. Many of them make up our best sellers list, and show no sign of slowing in momentum!

Home heating giants Reina are conducting a tour de force in this current trend with a range of black vertical radiators spanning a huge spectrum of darkened design stylings.

On the one hand, they present the sleek and simple design of their Reina Flat Panel Vertical Designer Radiator  (left), which is available in both single and double panel designs from just £149.99.


On the other hand, you can dive right into the progressive limits of black vertical radiator design with the already renowned Reina Fiore Vertical Designer Steel Radiator (right). Its highly unique flat panel steel design seems to have been drawn straight out of Aztec art, providing a powerful design flair to any room and available from just £379.99. In fact, we love this Fiore so much that we chose to feature it in our recent Ultimate A-Z of Designer Radiators article, which you should certainly check out if you haven’t already!

Black designer radiators are bringing a contemporary touch to homes across the UK. We can’t get enough of them so it’s not hard to see why you guys can’t, either!

If you’d like to truly explore the exciting realm of black designer radiators via our full range of black radiators, just head here and feast your eyes! And if you’d like to see our selection of horizontal black designer radiators, you may do so right here.

Team Horizontal

For all of the perks of a vertical designer radiator, you often cannot beat the simple sleekness of a horizontal designer radiator. After all, this battle of home heating units is an incredibly fair one in which we are spoilt by hundreds of incredible examples across both.

One popular horizontal radiator element are flattened panels for space saving, design, and efficiency means, as well as the highly popular double panel design.

Double panel radiators are a fantastic option for those larger rooms that require a powerful heating source. They offer an invaluable addition to UK homes in preparation for those potent winters, and can be run at much lower powers during warmer times to keep those pesky heating bills to a minimum.


Check out this Brenton Flat Double Panel Horizontal Radiator – a stunning anthracite designer radiator example that accents its double panel power with a space-age feel, and can be yours for just £228.95.

Or, if it is the potential simplicity of the horizontal designer radiator that holds your attention, try the Brenton Wilis Double Panel Designer Radiator in a classy, clean white finish that offers sizeable heating for its humble design and will cost you just £218.95.


Single panel designer radiators, on the other hand, are a fantastic selection when heating a smaller space faster. Balance your selections depending on the size of your room, how often it is frequented, and other factors unique to your needs. The result will be the perfect panelling to your new horizontal designer radiator!

Exceeding Expectations

For many home heating purists, horizontal reigns supreme and it’s not hard to see why. As much as modern trends dictate our purchases, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the horizontal designer radiator.

In fact, they are often the best aesthetic choice for a range of situations such as long and low walls, dens, games rooms, kids’ bedrooms, hallways positioned below mirrors, and much more. Creativity is your only limitation!


For something a little special, consider the Butler & Rose Landour Bathroom Traditional Heated Towel Rail Radiator (left) from just £238.96. Its beautiful chrome finish combines traditional looks with progressive design for a stylish radiator that truly stands out. We adore this traditional design and highly recommend taking a look at all of our traditional design towel radiators.

And for a horizontal designer radiator that breaks all rumours of horizontal being played out, high on your list should be this Reina Flat Panel Horizontal Designer Radiator. As you can see, horizontal slimline radiators are a thing, too!


It’s so compact and versatile with a slick anthracite finish that provides the perfect accent to the palette of almost any room. Available in single panel style for £94.99 and double panel for £139.99, this incredibly affordable unit is a firm customer favourite. Is it yours, too?

A Special Mention

Sometimes, though, you simply have to throw the rulebook right out of the window and go for something totally different.

Check out this DQ Heating Radiator Bench Mild Steel Horizontal Radiator Bench, an innovative product by an innovative brand that changes things up altogether and pushes home heating and furniture integration to new levels.


Technically a horizontal designer radiator, this remarkable genre-bending unit is available in a range of widths and heights and at a fantastic costing, starting from just £523.96.

This quirky innovation by DQ exhibits exactly why they are one of the most respected, creative, home heating brands out there. This sleek radiator bench is the perfect classy addition to home saunas, extravagant bathroom designs and other innovative set-ups.

Team "They're Both Awesome"

At the end of the day, we knew that this battle was going to be more of a spirited sparring match than a fight to the death. Why?

Because both horizontal and vertical designer radiators bring their respective range of benefits to the table, and both can provide the best finishing touch to any room. The real winner of this battle is you!


From bathroom to bedroom, hallway to hideaway, it is often the room and its interior design that denotes the unique choice between horizontal and vertical designer radiator, with most home heating renovators selecting a range of horizontal and vertical designer radiators across their properties.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way with the sheer amount of incredible examples available across both proportions!

Here to Help

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Of course, you can also reach out by phone to discuss these fantastic home heating options in the flesh.

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