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Why Chrome Radiators are the Perfect Choice

People are no longer content with an average looking home. They want something show-stopping and rooms that will be the envy of the neighbours. So how do your make your house a showstopper? It’s all in the details. And a stylish radiator is just the detail you need. One of our favourites are chrome radiators or, to be slightly more technical, the chrome-plated radiator.

What’s so Great About Chrome Radiators?

Chrome radiators are bright, aesthetic and almost always cheaper than their stainless-steel counterparts.

Chrome plated radiators also achieve a brighter shine than other finishes. They  look beautiful in modern and minimalist rooms but equally, the right chrome radiator can make a great stand-out feature. With the demand for chrome radiators, especially designer chrome radiators, increasing so rapidly, there is now an array of options on the market - meaning you are practically guaranteed to find something that suits the aesthetic of any room in your house.  


This Brenton Steel Vertical Oval Tube designer chrome radiator is the perfect piece to complete a stunning living room interior - and really is proof that radiators provide more than just warmth! We may even go as far as to say it’s a work of art. This radiator is premium quality with an elegant chrome finish and dual fuel options. This means you can choose whether to connect it to the heating or electric system in your house - saving you money and energy when the seasons change. It comes with a 5-year manufacturers guarantee and costs £238.96.

Chrome radiators are also more resistant to rust and scratches than other materials, especially if they are used as towel rails or in bathrooms. While they certainly require some maintenance now and again, investing in a good quality chrome radiator will save you time and money in the long run - staying shiny and bright even if the rest of your furniture doesn’t!

Minimalist or Show-Stealing Pieces?

Chrome finishes are beautifully modern and look great when used as both minimalist pieces and as standout fixtures.


The Aeon Maze stainless steel wall-mounted designer radiator (left) offers a hugely attractive design, and can work as a beautiful focal point whichever room you choose to put it in. It’s fuelled by central heating and made of 100% stainless steel. Choose either a chrome-plated or polished finish, and the best size to suit your home. The price starts at £910.96 and it comes with a 20-year warranty.

Another option for those of you feeling slightly more extravagant is the Aeon Bamboo stainless steel corner vertical designer radiator (right). This dual fuel radiator certainly doesn’t shy away in the corner. The design is out-there, innovative and luxurious, it truly is a showstopper. At £2,419.96, we can’t exactly call it a budget option, but the quality, look, and stand-out beauty might just make it the best money you’ve ever spent. Like the Aeon Maze, this radiator comes in a choice of brushed chrome or polished finishes, and a 20-year warranty for peace of mind.


Finally, for something more understated both in look and price tag, the Brenton Oval Tube Designer Radiator, which costs just £148.96 adds the perfect amount of minimalist style to your living room. The elegant chrome finish is contemporary, the material premium, and you’ve also got an option of either central heating or electric fuel.

Are Chrome Radiators Really a Better Option?

Efficiency is a common concern when it comes to radiators, and it’s important not only that you have a radiator that looks great, but also one that performs well. In general, chrome radiators have a higher efficiency than other radiators (such as those with a white finish). This makes them better when it comes to heating larger rooms such as hallways, living rooms, or bedrooms as they can heat the room faster due to their higher output.


The Aeon Ottoman Stainless Steel designer radiator (left) comes in either brushed chrome or polished finishes, and a variety of sizes. It’s freestanding, which gives it that extra va-va-voom, and it’s also highly efficient. This model costs £1,482.95 and comes with a 20-year manufacturer warranty.

Another highly efficient chrome radiator but at a lower price tag is the Aeon Bamboo Stainless Steel wall-mounted designer radiator (right). Designed to look like bamboo branches, this radiator will add a little nature to your living room - albeit in a chrome-plated-radiator disguise! This model costs £414.95 making it great for those who are on more of a budget yet still want something statement and modern. It provides energy efficient warmth and will enhance any space you choose to put it in. A great alternative to the Aeon Bamboo corner chrome radiator mentioned earlier.

What about the Valves?

Chrome valves aren’t solely a practical addition to your chrome radiator, as many people think. Even the most functional of items can add an element of style to a room, and radiator valves are no different.


If you’re drawn to something more traditional, look no further than these Hudson Reed Victorian Crosshead chrome radiator valves (left). The brass body has great thermal conductivity, whilst the chrome finish proves that chrome products don’t always need to be contemporary. In fact, it’s the little details which go a long way to changing the feel of a room, and these valves will certainly add something different. They cost an affordable £28.96.

If modern is more your style then we’ve got something for you too. These Brenton Angled Square Head modern chrome radiator valves (right) provide all the sharp angles you need to give your radiator that contemporary feel. The body is made from chrome plated brass, and the valves are both wear-resistant and high-quality. At £18.95, these valves are even more affordable than the Hudson Reed valves, and they come with a 10-year guarantee.

What are You Waiting For?

Chrome radiators offer both a practical and stylish way of heating your home, whether that’s the bathroom, living room, bedroom, or hallway! Highly efficient and very durable, chrome radiators are a great option for anyone. Whether you’re after something extravagant and luxurious, or fancy something simple and understated, Only Radiators has a range of chrome radiators to a variety of tastes and budgets - get looking.

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