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Designer Radiators

Designer radiators, the place for those with particular tastes to shop the most unusual radiators available. For those who like their guests to ask “Is that a new piece of modern art in your lounge?”

"Ahh, yes" you'll reply, thinking on your feet. “It’s an Aeon” you’ll say, stroking your chin, “from the ‘Lé Radiator’ school of art, conceived by the finest designers and shaped by talented craftsmen, and then quality tested to ensure the most efficient home-heating possible and topped with a 20 year guarantee.” But you get carried away with the incredible capability of your new radiator. Did you give the game away?

“What was that last bit?” Your guests ask, still too impressed by the new display piece to think it's anything but a magnificent sculpture.

“Oh, nothing." You say. "You might also be interested in another piece upstairs in the bedroom, by Reina. It heats my towel for me so they feel like cotton clouds. I think it’s inspired by the Russian Art Revolution and their hatred of damp facecloths”.

Find your own work of central-heating artwork below, featuring some of the most unique, different, strange, and funky designs to ever grace the world of horizontal and vertical radiators.

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