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Calculate your room's BTU requirement

Our BTU calculator can help you get the right heating products for the size of your room. This will make sure you avoid over or under spending on radiators which are not suitable for the room you want to heat.

To calculate your BTU, all you need is a tape measure or laser measurement tool.

Once you’ve inputted the height, width, length and other details about your room, simply click calculate and you’ll have your required BTU (measured at Delta-T 50°C).

BTU stands for British Thermal Units and is a measure of how much heat a radiator can output to increase the temperature of a room. You may therefore think a higher BTU is a better option, but it’s much more efficient to purchase a radiator that produces a heat output suitable for the room the radiator is in.

BTU figures are displayed on all our radiators, which makes it easy for you to pick the most efficient one for your home.

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