If someone is friendly, kind, calming and helpful, they're described as "warm"; they "radiate warmth". And when they make you feel warm, you "glow" and feel a real, physical warmth. Romance is "fiery", passion is "hot", and strength is "a burning passion". These are the qualities a radiator evokes, warming not just the house around you but the hearts and souls living within those walls. Your radiator is an important piece of your home, and our passion for radiators is inspired by the life and warmth that they provide. A regular, boring mass-produced rectangle just won't do - every horizontal and vertical radiator we supply is crafted from the finest mild steel, cast iron, stainless steel, and aluminium, with a huge selection of designer radiators that will satisfy both the most crazy or conservative of tastes. Not just radiators either: heated towel rails, heated trench radiators, heated benches, electric towel shelves, and more.

Sourced globally from such renowned brands as Bisque, Bauhaus, Hudson Reed, Reina, Ultra, Carisa and many more popular radiator designers, your new central heating purchase is always a quality investment, assured to be as efficient as possible, and always topped with a lengthy guarantee for lasting use. Because if there's one thing in your home that needs to be reliable - it's a radiator.

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