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Our Radiators in Action: Some Lovely Customer Images

As much as we know our radiators will look stunning in your own homes, we want you to know it too - so we've put together some of our favourite customer images so you can see our radiators in action, and discover just how truly wonderful they'll look in your home too! 

A Brand Focus: Hudson Reed Radiators

Only Radiators are certainly not short of designer radiators and towel rails, but choosing the right one can be a total mindfield. Introducing Brand Focus, a series of blogs in which we check out some of our favourite designer radiator brands. Today it’s the turn of Hudson Reed, a brand renowned for their performance, durability and stunning designs. Unsure where to start when it comes to Hudson Reed radiators? Join us as we take a look at the best of the best.

Our Favourite Dual Fuel Heated Towel Radiators

A heated towel rail is a bathroom essential year round - as there’s nothing worse than stepping out the shower to a cold and damp towel! But if you want to heat your bathroom without making the rest of your home hotter than the sun, you’ll need a towel rail that heats independently. Introducing, the dual fuel heated towel rail! These towel rails are heated by both central heating and mains electricity, meaning you can have warm and fluffy towels year-round. Check out 5 of our favourites.

7 Traditional Towel Radiators for your Period Bathroom

The perfect traditional towel radiator will be different for everyone, and luckily we’ve got a whole host of stunning models to get your period bathroom looking beautiful, and your towels heated to perfection! Whether you’re after a wall hung traditional towel radiator that’ll add some timeless style to a smaller bathroom, or you fancy making a serious statement, Only Radiators are confident we’ve got the radiator for you. Need a little inspiration before you dive in? Check out our top 7 traditional towel radiators for period bathrooms.

Convector, Single and Double Panel Radiators Explained

If all this talk of single panel, double panel and convector radiators has you scratching your head in bemusement, we’re here to lend you a helping hand. Our latest blog post dives into the nitty gritty of convector radiators to help you get on the right track when it comes to radiator shopping. Whether it’s an open plan kitchen / living room, or a teeny tiny ensuite, the right radiator will help you the most bang for your buck and have your room heated to that perfect temperatures. Here’s all you need to know about the different types of radiator.

DQ Heating: A Brand Focus

There’s no shortage of designer radiator brands out there worth your attention, so where do you turn? One of our absolute favourites is DQ Heating. These Norfolk-based designer radiator visionaries have been operating for 20 years now and it shows. Join us as we check out their finest wares.

The Best Low Level Radiators for Rooms with Low Ceilings

If you’re struggling for space and after a radiator that’ll slot neatly under a window or painting, look no further! Our low level radiators are perfect for smaller rooms and walls with limited vertical space - plus they look pretty darn good too! Struggling to find your perfect match? We’ve whittled it down to our top 6 low level radiators to help you get the ball rolling.

5 Of Our Best Hallway Radiators

Upgrading your hallways with a stylish radiator not only keeps your home warm and fills up a little empty space, but offers the opportunity to add a touch of elegant style too! Take a look at some of our favourite hallway radiators and see if you find the perfect new addition for your own hallway.

Our Favourite Weird & Wonderful Radiators

Sometimes a standard radiator just won't cut it, and you feel the need to add some serious pizzazz to your home heating, so we've put together a list of our favourite statement radiators for you to take your pick of the weirdest and most wonderful of the bunch!
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