BTU Calculator

Calculate Your Room's BTU Requirement

This easy BTU calculator will help you avoid overspending, turning your cloakroom into the ideal place to cook a turkey; or underspend and have a radiator that becomes a warm-to-the-touch memorial for the money you didn't need to waste. No, this BTU calculator won't just prevent disaster but give you the confidence to choose a radiator. Because once you use this tool to help you know your home's heat requirement, the only thing left to do is pick a radiator that hits that heat output target and looks good on the wall.

  • A tape measure (or one of those cool laser measurement tools)
  • A home (recommended)
  • And that's it!

Just use the BTU calculator below, step by step, and you'll have your BTU requirement in a couple of minutes. Easy.

Step 1: Enter Room Dimensions
Step 2: Enter Room Information
Step 3: Heat Output Results

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