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Radiators used to be simply about heating a home and keeping a good temperature, now they have become something that you can be proud to show off, and Aeon have created some breathtaking stainless steel radiator sculptures which will attract some noble attention.

Aeon radiators offer an extensive range of horizontal and vertical designer radiators along with a selection of heating elements all created to look sleek, stylish and to create the impression of space in your home. Aeon specialise in stainless steel radiators as it is an ideal material for creating highly effective and long-lasting attractive radiators.

Created using state-of-the-art production techniques, each stainless steel radiator is a headturner. Aeon have taken inspiration from a wide range of origins including oriental designs, Mediterranean creations and influences from the natural world. Stainless steel will always be fashionable, so whether you want a statement radiator or a stainless steel heated towel rail, Aeon will have one for you, with each one being completed with a flawless finish.

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