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Thermosphere UK, formally Thermogroup, provides a unique level of comfort for consumers, accomplishing this with their dedication to delivering excellence in the manufacture, distribution, and support of premium underfloor heating products for the home. It's a commitment to quality that is visible in every product within their range of under floor heating systems, and a reputation that they've earned through real hard work. They're the premium choice for contractors and customers alike; ensuring every step of the supply, delivery, and installation process is effortlessly smooth from start to finish.

A passion for progress and technological development is evident in the Thermosphere range of easy controls and accessories; absolute control is put at the fingertips of the customer. For example, the 4.3 touchscreen underfloor interface - available in ice white or satin black, with 8 display colour options - is capable of controlling a home's underfloor heating along with an additional towel rail or mirror demister while receiving temperature information from a floor sensor. All from up to 50 metres away. All of this is a result of Thermosphere's solutions-driven method to giving customers exactly what they want - solutions that solve real needs.

Thermosphere supplies only quality-assured products that are topped with lengthy guarantees, and each of their underfloor heating systems is easy to install. So, whether you're a contractor or a consumer; or a heating expert; or simply dipping your toe into underfloor home heating, then Thermosphere are the sustainable heating supplier that you can rely on.

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