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Anthracite & Black Heated Towel Rails

Not fond of the normal and the standard? Need something different? Or maybe you just want the contrast that a nice black bathroom radiator provides against a bright wall - or to offset the shiny ceramics of your bathroom. Whatever your tastes, it's a great way to add some punch to your bathroom design. Plus, who doesn't want a warm, fluffy towel waiting for them the moment they step out the bath or shower? If you're shopping for a heated towel rail for a family home, consider a black heated ladder rail, which features multiple heated rails to hold a collection of towels and prevent tension in the home. Because there's nothing worse than a damp towel left draped over a radiator, the back of a random chair, or worse, the bed. We've all done it, children have a knack for doing it, and draping it over the normal radiator does nothing but block the heat and cost you more in heating bills. But never again. Because your sleek new heated towel rail in gorgeous anthracite or black is waiting for you below.

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