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White Heated Towel Rails

White towel radiators are a classic favourite, and do you know what else is a classic favourite? Towels that aren't damp or dripping. The Victorians knew it, we know it, and if you haven't enjoyed the benefits of a heated towel rail yet - you're in for such a treat. Because the first time you step out of the shower and slide that towel from your bright, white towel rail; wrapping the soft blanket of warmth around your body. It's a party on your skin and all the goose bumps are invited; no cold shivers, just a pleasurable tingle rising slowly up your spine. A white towel radiator will brighten your wall, heat your towels, and give your guests something to be jealous about. It's a finish that's clean, matches almost every bathroom decor, and compliments ceramics wonderfully. There's few better choices than a white towel radiator for your bathroom.

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