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Ladder Towel Rails

A ladder towel rail is the go-to choice to keep your bathroom toasty and your towels warm and dry. A well-chosen chrome ladder towel radiator will look after your towels and have them ready and waiting for when you need to say that difficult good-bye to the warm embrace of the morning shower and step into the comparatively cooler climes of the bathroom. 

With a ladder radiator there is no need to drape towels over chairs or leave them on top of beds, the bathroom towel rail provides your towels with a dedicated home to return to whilst prolonging the life of your towel.

Even though our ladder towel rail range has a huge selection to choose from, finding the right one for you is easy. Simply use our BTU calculator to find out the heat output you’ll need and then choose the perfect size, using the filters to narrow down your options. 

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