Bathroom Radiators

The most important room to have a radiator in is your bathroom, so you deserve to enjoy a good one. That's because there's bare ceramic and cold tiled-floors and ventilators sucking away steam and heat - plus those wet towels you need to dry after every use. So it's clear that you need the best radiator your budget will allow in order to stop mould, mildew, and shivering before it even begins. Similarly, a bathroom towel warmer, too, is almost a necessity; whether that's an additional rail attached to a vertical towel radiator, a ladder rail for the organising of a family's worth of towels, or a dedicated towel rail alongside a complete radiator, you need a towel radiator in your home and your life.

It's best if you first 'calculate your BTU' to find a total BTU figure to aim for, and then choose your radiators based on that figure - whether that's buying a ladder rail that can heat the entire room and all of your towels; or a high-output radiator with a single heated towel rail; or a dedicated radiator and separate towel rail or heated towel rack. Also worth considering is adding a summer heating element to make your radiator dual-fuel, so you can activate that radiator without turning your entire home's central heating on.

Choose from a variety of horizontal and vertical designs, from such top brands as: DQ, Hudson Reed, and Aeon; available in popular finishes like brushed chrome, polished steel, polished brass, and even volcanic.