Kitchen Radiators

Why do you need the best kitchen radiator you can afford? Because firstly kitchens just don't have a stable temperature, so you need a quality radiator that can heat and cool quickly in order to save money on heating bills. Secondly, no one in home history has ever said I just have too much space in here, so you need a space-saving kitchen rad, such as a tall designer kitchen radiator or a flat horizontal panel. Finally, guests will always end up in the kitchen at some point, judging you by the quality of your taste (in both culinary and interior design) - plus you'll have to look at it every single day so why waste the wall-space on a boring radiator? Therefore, while picking any radiator is hard enough, when choosing the best radiator for the kitchen there's a lot of potential for disaster. Disaster that could easily cost you more than just the price of a new designer kitchen radiator.

But you're in luck. Your first 2 problems have already been solved. Below you'll find only the very best brands, all checked in the UK to strict regulations - so you're buying from a safe retailer. Your next issue isn't an issue either, thanks to our kitchen BTU calculator. Now your only hurdle now is your own personal taste, which we've made easier for you thanks to a set of filters to make navigating an array of shapes, sizes, finishes, and even brands if you like a particular brand's style. It's up to you now to pick a radiator you can look at every single day.