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Aluminium Radiators

What's the best radiator material? Easy, it's aluminium, the superconductive material that saves you money. Yet since the initial cost is higher than other materials it unfortunately puts many people off. But it really shouldn't because the savings you make in the long run make a designer aluminium radiator absolutely worth it. Plus aluminium radiators look gorgeous, whether vertical or horizontal, capturing the attention of any guest with their obvious quality and craftsmanship, which is impossible to ignore. Some designs, especially our designer aluminium radiators, come in such gorgeous shapes that those who have no idea what an aluminium radiator is will simply assume you've purchased a new work of art to hang on the wall.

Aluminium is a super-conductive material, so it responds to changes in your thermostat extremely quickly. You'll never have the heating on too high, or too low, it'll always be just right, which means it's the most efficient radiator material too - keeping your heating costs as cheap as possible. And since we only stock the finest and most popular brands available to buy, such as Reina and DQ, you can be sure of a quality product.

Use the filters on the left to organise your choices by price, style, BTU output, and fuel source. Whether you want a dual-fuel designer vertical aluminium radiator or a horizontal high-output aluminium radiator, or anything in-between, your perfect radiator is guaranteed to be waiting for you below.

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