Panel Radiators

Convector panel radiators are a range of panel radiators with an incredible hidden piece of engineering technology. Simply by adding carefully a designed layer of 'convector fins' behind the radiator, the surface area of it is increased and this boosts the BTU of the radiator considerably. Science. You can further add another panel to the back of the radiator - making a ""double panel plus convector radiator"" increasing the depth from the wall quite a bit, but once again increasing the BTU output of the radiator. Still want more? You can choose to have two layers of convector fins sandwiched between a double panel radiator - a ""double convector radiator"" (yes, a double panel is bigger than a double panel plus - engineers just aren't great at naming things). So while a double panel radiator is quite chunky, consider all that surface area and how wide or long a single panel radiator without fins would have to be to output the same amount of BTU. Plus, with options for both horizontal and vertical versions, you're guaranteed to find a radiator below that is exactly what you need. You can also browse a range of designer convector radiators for the heat output of a convector with all the style and class of a designer radiator.

So browse the best brands, which include Stelrad, Reina, and Bisque, safe in the knowledge that every product you buy is handpicked by our experts based on industry reviews and quality inspection standards as well as efficient BTU output. Also, every single radiator is topped with a lengthy guarantee, just to really push the point that you're buying the best radiator possible.