Electric Radiators

Electric radiators are plugged straight into the mains electrical supply, so they are easy to install and are ideal for homes without a gas supply. Electric heaters are also very energy efficient and require less maintenance than central heating radiators.

Electric radiators can be much more efficient than standard radiators as they are very easy to turn on and off. You don’t need to turn on your entire central heating system just to warm up one radiator. This makes them ideal for cold spots in your house, or rooms which are used infrequently and therefore don’t need a radiator to be on all the time. As they are not connected to a central heating system, installation is much easier and there is no need to bleed the system. If you are building an extension or just want to add some extra heat without the plumbing costs involved in re-routing your central heating, an electric heater is ideal.

Our electric horizontal & vertical radiators are available in a range of sizes so whatever size room you want to heat, we’ll have something to suit. Before picking out your radiator, take a look at our BTU calculator to ensure you get the right heat output for your home.

We have an excellent choice of styles & finishes. From classic white to striking chrome, our huge selection will allow you to choose a radiator which perfectly complements your home. For a minimalist touch, take a look at our wall mounted electric radiators. These will help reduce the feelings of clutter in smaller rooms by leaving more space on the floor.