Electric Radiators

Electric radiators provide control and efficiency; far more control over your home heating than standard gas central-heating radiators, and that control translates to a more efficient radiator for lower heating bills. They're a beautiful addition to any room. Yet many people who live in regions where electricity costs more than gas think that means that electric radiators cost more to run. Not true - not true at all. When you turn an electric radiator on, you're heating the room you need it to; when you turn your central heating on, you're heating the room you need it to plus every other room you don't need it to - so which one of those sounds like the more costly waste of resources?

Choose from a variety of horizontal & vertical designs and colours to suit any room of the home. Simply use the filters at the left side of the screen to narrow down your choices to fit the size of the space you need to fill, along with the best colour to suit your interior decor, and there's more than a few unusual electric radiator designs to move away from the normal and the standard.

So compliment your contemporary home with a gorgeous slimline electric radiator, wall-mounted like a sculptural feature for a super efficient home heating solution.