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Shop by Colour

Millions of people in the UK are unaware that there's far more colour options for your radiator than white. Yet, many people still choose the standard - which is fine, white is a fine choice - but a lot of those same people are simply unaware of what is out there. What is the best colour for a radiator? Coloured radiators might seem strange to some, but since that huge column radiator is going on your wall, and you're going to see it every single day, so you may as well make it beautiful - or at least match it with your decor. So browse our range of coloured radiators and make the best choice for you, it doesn't affect the performance of the radiator in any way, so it's entirely up to your personal taste. Shop black radiators, white radiators, anthracite radiators, chrome radiators, and a whole range of bespoke colour options for a radiator that colour matches your home.

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